Nagi no Asukara episode 5: Miuna

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Sad that she is becoming a terrible person due to jealousy, Chisaki tries to confide in Tsumugu, but Manaka overhears her and feels bad that Chisaki has unrequited feelings for Hikari. Meanwhile, Akari has decided to break it off with her boyfriend, however she doesn’t have time to end it before she realizes Miuna is missing. After hours of searching, Hikari finds her and has a serious talk with her about her immaturity. When she finds them, Akari freaks out and finally reconciles with Miuna, and she has taken the decision to stay with her on land, which means she will have to leave Shioshishio.nagi no asukara akari


And so, the Akari arc comes to an end. It was interesting in its own way, and I thought it pretty good for an introductory arc; it makes me look forward to the rest of the show even more.

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Now that I see that Akari’s arc was a lot more about Miuna than I thought, I understand why last episode was important (although big parts of it were still pretty useless). Of course, this little kid acted as a kid all throughout, but the way she eventually reconciled with Akari was fine. I guess I’d say nothing really impressed me with this arc, though. I was happy to know more about Akari, but the way she did things ended up being pretty much what I expected them to be. The only thing which I found sad about her was that she is now forced to abandon her family, since it seems like she made the choice to remain with her boyfriend from the land; I felt quite sad for her.

Embarrassed Chisaki is so cute ^.^

Embarrassed Chisaki is so cute ^.^

What I found most interesting about this episode was the short development on Chisaki’s part. We now know that her love is clearly about Hikari, which is a good thing since it was a bit obscure before; and now, even Manaka knows, which might lead to trouble. If Manaka were develop feelings for Hikari, or if Hikari were to confess, Manaka would never agree to them going out for as long as Chisaki likes Hikari… Which is another plot point for drama. My fangirl heart wonders as to what will happen… To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chisaki ended up with Tsumugu in the end.

nagi no asukara hikari phoneGoing back to Hikari, I felt like this episode he was pretty cool, especially compared to what we’ve seen of him so far. It seems like after all, his protective side went above his immaturity (or maybe it was just pride) and he went and found Miuna like a big kid. Whatever it was, we got even better a picture of his character which hides behind all the jealous fits, and overall we can see that he’s a really nice guy. One day, he’ll be cool… Right?

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