Nagi no Asukara episode 6: A Small Ripple

nagi no asukara change


Unrequited love and drama everywhere~


I swear, when the drama explodes, it’ll be one hell of a bomb. This episode did a very good job building up Chisaki’s character and her flaws; I can see her becoming quite the terrible person in a few episodes…

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Chisaki is a person who seems to be terribly afraid of change… Simply put, she’s a coward: she is afraid of anything who isn’t a part of her own little world, which she wishes to keep as is for as long as can be. The reason why she doesn’t want to do anything about her love for Hikari is probably for that reason. Now, unfortunately for her, she’ll learn pretty quickly that change eventually has to happen; especially when you’re a teenager. I feel like she will completely fall apart when Manaka leaves. One thing is certain though: when she does fall apart, Chisaki will do terrible things, and her weaknesses are bound to show. I totally love this girl’s depth of character.nagi no asukara chisaki depressed

Apart from this, I’ll say, this was one hell of an unrequited love fest. It seems like both Miuna and Chisaki love Hikari, who loves Manaka, who loves Tsumugu, who loves… The sea. Meanwhile, we’ve got ourselves a prince in training with Kaname, and Chisaki is also becoming quite the popular lady with her tits. Woaah there, stop it. Who will end up with who? O_o nagi no asukara cute coupleRight now, I can’t even imagine what the hell is going to happen. I thought Manaka would end up with Hikari, but the way things are going, I would rather have her go with Tsumugu; not only because they are extremely cute together, but also because, society-wise, it would mean an alliance between the people of the sea and the people of the land. It would also signify Manaka’s growth of character and her moving into a life outside of this little world with her childhood friends. However, this becomes a problem for Hikari, who clearly doesn’t give a damn about Chisak. As for Kaname, I’m pretty sure he will remain the single prince until the end; he’s just that kind of a guy.

Nagi no asukara manaka sadI’ll be honest here, I loved this episode. What we learnt from these children in a single episode is enough to feed a whole arc in terms of plot. I’m really impressed with the way all characters are portrayed; they seem so real. The way Manaka acted when she was depressed, how she felt and how she turned the situation around in the end actually made me feel nostalgic about my own problems I eventually solved. Anxieties about change, about friendship, and about love, these are all things which we eventually feel as we grow up, and the way Nagi no Asukara portrays all those feelings is extremely authentic; the characters have depth which is rarely seen in anime, even for its genre.

But, enough about that… Next episode will go back to the Akari arc, which is a lot less interesting than this one. Not that its purpose is not apparent, since it is necessary for us to understand the mentality of both societies at stake, but I love the personalities of Chisaki and Manaka much more than I do Akari’s… She is, after all, a side character.

P.S.: Japan’s hypochondriac tendencies always amaze me. I mean, Hikari hurt his toe and Manaka thinks he can’t walk by himself… It’s only a toe.

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