Nagi no Asukara episode 7: Strife

nagi no asukara meeting


The Ojoshi is now complete, and now the students wish to do the Ofunehiki ceremony, which had been cancelled this year. They manage to get enough signatures and convince the sea and land people to meet, however conflict ensues and the Ojoshi is destroyed. In the end, Hikari and Akari decide to leave the village of Shioshishio to go on land.


Man, this show is going to be so much fun!

This week, we got a little bit more information on the strife between the people of the sea and the people of the land. Personally, I think that the people from the land of the Sea are simply way too stubborn for their own good; they seem to enjoy starting arguments for no reason, so it’s normal that the people of the land would respond in the same way. I do have a feeling that there’ll be a way for them to reconcile eventually, however; that is, if Shioshishio still exists…

nagi no asukara stubborn muleThe place is slowly turning into a uninhabitable land, where everyone will be banished for wanting to live or too old and stubborn to do so. It makes me sad to see this happen, but, the way things are going, I see no other option: the younger generation is too scarce for the society to live on, and the small amount of kids there is are all leaving for the surface because there aren’t enough opportunities in the village. Unless hybrid children can suddenly have Enas, I see no solution to this problem. Because of this, I kind of understand Hikari’s father and Uroko for being so against Akari’s and Hikari’s leaving for the surface; however I feel that there may be a bigger problem at stake here, some crucial reason why Akari and Hikari can’t leave the village. Whatever it is, it certainly involves the village of Shioshishio going in a bad direction…

nagi no asukara hikari jealousBut enough about societal issues, and back to our main protagonist. This week we saw Hikari attempt to convey his frustration by doing something else than punching faces (it’s quite the improvement, really). His determination to hold the Ofunehiki for the sake of Manaka and Tsumugu was quite admirable; compared to Chisaki, he had clearly a different way to go about things which was a lot more honourable. The only problem I have with it is that, now that Hikari is becoming somewhat of a better person, I tend to like him a little more, and my heart is torn between wanting to cheer for Tsumugu or wanting to cheer for Hikari; the more the show goes on, however, I really don’t think that Hikari will end up with Manaka, unless the story goes completely terrible or completely awesome in a way that I couldn’t expect. nagi no asukara manaka puppy eyes

I also can’t help but notice how awesome the show’s mains are; my attachment to them goes way past those of a certain other show I’m blogging *cough* Kyoukai no Knatata *cough*. I don’t think a character could have been built so realistically as Nagi no Asukara has done for all of its characters (except maybe Kaname, for now), and they have such a good base that I feel like the show could rely entirely on it and not become a flop; of course, it would drop in my ratings a lot, but I still wouldn’t be able to say anything bad about the characters, since they’re just too awesome already. nagi no asukara hikari akari

Next week’s preview kind of left me hanging, to be honest; it seems like the next episode will involve some close time between Chisaki and Hikari, as well as a follow-up from Akari’s departure from the Sea. Putting those two stories together in the same episode make it seem like it’ll be quite packed with emotion: I’m looking forward to it!

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