Nagi no Asukara episode 8: Clearing up Feelings

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Hikari and Miuna go and look for a present to give to Akari with the others. In the end, they don’t find a thing and make their own necklace out of shells and fish scales.


And yet, another build-up episode. Honestly, if these episodes weren’t all so heart-warming and if the build up wasn’t so amazing, I would start getting pissed due to the amount of episodes used for building blocks; but this is so cute… And slowly, but surely, everything is becoming clearer than just speculation.

This episode, we finally got a clear view on Hikari’s feelings; not that we didn’t know about them already, but at least now we can be certain that he likes Manaka. His conversation with Chisaki wasn’t what I expected, what with the misleading “a-confession-will-happen” preview from last episode, but we still got a few interesting dialogues; it was fun to see Hikari go all shy when he admitted his feelings, and even more fun to watch him pull off a mature act and say he’d do anything for Manaka to be happy, even try to change his own personality. Whether that pleases Chisaki or not, it seems like she will have to endure it…

nagi no asukara kaname manakaWe also know a little bit more about Manaka’s feelings, which don’t seem to follow in Hikari’s favour; however, despite her apparent feelings it seems like every time someone asks her if she likes Tsumugu, she kind of avoids the question and says that he’s an awesome person without actually saying anything about her liking him… Whether it’s because she’s shy or because she doesn’t really like him (yet) and only thinks he’s an awesome person, that is uncertain. One thing that we do know, however, is that Tsumugu seems to have a much bigger importance in Manaka’s heart than Hikari does; poor lil’ boy…

Slowly but surely, the plot is moving forward; the characters are starting to change, but the worse is yet to come… Maybe. I’m starting to think that maybe the hardcore drama will never happen after all; the show seems too happy, and I feel like hardcore drama is definitely not what the show is going for. Those kids will probably solve everything with their newly-found maturity… Of course, I’m just speculating; it’s still a bit too early for me to be able to tell what the show will truly be going for, although we’ve figured out quite a bit already.

This pic is ridiculously fabulous.

This pic is ridiculously fabulous.

Next episode, seems like shit’s going down! Stay tuned (in the next 2 days because this post is ridiculously late) in order to read up on it more, here on 0-Gate.

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