No.6 episode 6: Safu returns to the City of Lies


Safu is coming back to No.6 just to realize how fake the city really is. Now she has decided to go and find Sion, the one she loves.



Noooooooo Safu ! I suddenly have a lot less respect for Nezumi, if he doesn’t give that piece of paper to Sion I will hate him for good. Safu needs to be saved and her and Sion needs to be united ! That stupid rat will ruin everything. He better find a way to save Safu on his own if he doesn’t tell Sion.


You better go save her ass !

This episode Safu was the main focus, she got back from No.5 and it was evident how No.6 is a place of lies and deceit. Only minutes after coming back to the city she realize how fake it was. That girl is a genius after all. It was interesting to see that not all city are such fakes. Maybe No.5 is not perfect freedom either, but at the very least it didn’t seemed as bad as No.6.  Safu was not allowed to bring art into the city, she had to wear a bracer to be always identifiable and she was arrested for no reason other than wanting to leave the city. She deserves to be with Sion, that girl is stubborn and dedicated, she knows what she wants and she will go blindly to get it no matter what.


When you confess to your crush mother before him, it is kind of weird

Sion and Nezumi had a long fight together. Nezumi asked Sion to choose between No.6 and him. Of course Sion doesn’t want to make any compromise, he wants to keep both. The truth is, Nezumi doesn’t want to lose Sion, he has some reason to hate No.6 I am certain, but he is in deep love with Sion and he will side with him no matter what. He is just afraid of becoming soft. After all Nezumi is known to be a crazy guy with no moral, but now he has a weakness, he can easily be attacked at his weak point, Sion. Sion is clueless and runs into trouble all the time, if Sion were to know about Safu or to continue is crusade to save No.6, he will put his life in danger. Nezumi doesn’t want to lose Sion, so to stop him from accomplishing his dream and putting his life in danger, he is making sure that Sion will stay next to him and continue to brighthen his life.


Fuck me or I kill you!

I really hope that Safu will be saved and that she will help in some way to save No.6, but at the same time Nezumi is so crazy about keeping Sion all to himself, this might never be possible. But will Nezumi and Sion really become  ennemy? I doubt it, but it would make things all the more interesting, Nezumi would be an amazing ennemy since everyone loves him, it is always fun to have ennemy you wish would win. It keeps things fresh and make every turning point in the show more fun.



From here, Nezumi will be the one to decide how the story plays out. He holds the power in his hand, even if in reality, he feels powerless when Sion is not around. Will he make the right choice? That is hard to know, since a lot of girl might want Nezumi to end up with Sion.


ZeroG signing off

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