No.6 episode 7: No more lies


Nezumi is secretly trying to find a way to save Safu without alarming Sion, but Sion found out about Safu disappearance anyway.




This is so confusing,  the two prince are going to save the princess, but the two princes are in love with each other? I don’t get this anymore. Is this some weird and twisted threesome story? And why is my Safu in such danger ! If anything happens to her, I don’t want to see anything happen to my waifu!


Smells like trouble

I really love Safu, she is an awesome intelligent character, but now she is in such a mess. She has become a prime sample in an experiment. What experiment is it? It is most likely related to the infestation of bees, but is she a sample for a cure or for a prime bee to hatch? The truth about No.6 was still not revealed, we still have no idea how bad the city really is, it is difficult to judge just how evil the mastermind behind this Utopian city really is.


You better safu mah waifu!

Now it seems from the preview of next episode that Safu is still alive and “well”. How well is she I have no idea, but at the very least she can talk, think and walk. I just hope that she was simply infected by a bee and Sion will heroically save her. Since Sion has the cure in his system he would simply have to have sex with her to cure her, that would be the best ending in my opinion. Cheesy and fanservice? yes, but I might be a little too obsessed with Safu for my own good.

In the episode Nezumi was starting to be softer than ever. He finally started to open his heart to Sion and tell him the truth. That might seem like something ordinary, but for Nezumi, that is a huge feat. He went from a cruel dirty little mother fucker to a caring and protecting man.  He really fell in love with Sion, that small smirk after Sion kissed him was not just amusement from Sion badly executed lie, he also loved it.

But now how will things turn out? Nezumi and Sion will try to rescue Safu, in the process Nezumi and Sion will get closer and Safu will love Sion even more for rescuing her. How will this love triangle end? Are Nezumi and Safu willing to share? Or will Sion just die somewhere along the road and Nezumi will go out with Safu instead? that would be more interesting.


If I stop talking about romance, I guess the other interesting part of the episode was when Nezumi confronted Dogkeeper on her fear of death. She was a girl raised by dog, it is just normal that she wants a rat and an albino kid as friend. She was brought into this world without a human soul to support her, she wants to leave with her friends around her. But of course Nezumi had to be such a bitch about it and make her feel bad for having emotions and dream. Stupid rat.




This was a solid episode, the two friends are now united, they decided to see each other as equals and are ready to go to adventure and save the princess from the grip of the evil enemy!


ZeroG signing off

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