No.6 episode 8: Elf’s Song


Sion and Nezumi go see an old man who happens to know quite a bit about No.6 and all of its mysteries.



Why is there so many good show this summer? It was supposed to all be shit ! Why am I even complaining, No.6 is great and it seems that something big is going to happen.


Infected? Old? Both?

Sion and Nezumi met one of the creator of No.6 and we finally learn some valuable information about the place. It seems that Sion is not the only one to have survived the parasite bees and Nezumi is a forest folks. In my head it all made sense now. This explains why Nezumi is so beautiful, so agile and why he is so cocky, he is an Elf. And the Elf Queen is singing to him to find her.  But since Safu heard the song too, it means that she is an Elf too? or is it simply because the Elf Queen knows that Safu will be needed for her grand plan? I’m still not sure what is their connection about, but that old man seems to think that it is fate or is he even old? I keep assuming he’s old because of his white hair, but he was simply a survivor of the parasitic bees. But then again, he seems unable to walk, either that or he is reaallyy lazy.


He's a wood elf, he must be quite handy with a bow

Nezumi finally started acting a little less tsundere and he seems to now accept Sion as his equal. They make such a cute couple. For the first time they seem to be working together without lying to each other. They are finally honest about themselves and honest to themselves. Now the only thing missing is for the two to kiss each other.


This is regret

Sion’s mother is also starting to be a suspicious character, she was in a picture with one of No.6 founding member, I think she might be involved in this more than we might think. Even when she was with that reporter, she never really acted surprised of the information she learned, I’m sure she already knew all about this. She might look like an innocent baker now, but before Sion got in trouble she was a higher up in society, what was her job exactly? Who was Sion’s father and what was he doing in life? I’m certain that this women is not as innocent as we think she is, she is hiding something. Maybe now that she knows her son to be in danger she will reveal some information? or will she simply cry herself to sleep every night? What kind of women is she?


The face of a mother who realize her son is soon to be dead and she can't do anything about it

In the end, Sion and Nezumi will both accomplished what they wanted, Nezumi will destroy No.6 and Sion will protect the people he loves and cares about. Now they just need to figure out how they will accomplish their goal, since I’m certain that destroying that facility won’t be an easy task.




Another wonderful episode of No.6 has ended, there are not that many left, I hope that the ending will be up to my expectations. After all, nothing really happened in term of action up until now.I hope to see some explosion coming soon.


ZeroG signing off

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