Nobunaga the fool episode 1 [First Impression]: Too many genre

Nobunaga the fool dragon rider

I don’t think I can stand this show, the universe just doesn’t interest me at all, I feel like the universe is overly complicated and weird, it seems to me to be some kind of mishmash of multiple lore and story of the past, all from different period and all with important historical figure who don’t act half the way they were acting in folklore or in history. I just have a lot of trouble to begin with when Japanese samurai are fighting inside some kind of magical mecha for no reason.

Just this episode we have Leonardo the Vinci who is a messenger of King Arthur to contact Jean of Arc inside a space ship piloted by Magellan… There is a limit to how many famous name you can pull off in a single anime before it start just sounding completely ridiculous. The show isn’t even steampunk, it is just a mix of sci-fi and fantasy and historical name mixed in between, it is just a whole bunch of randomness going along some kind of serious storyline. There is just no way I can stand watching this just like that, the story doesn’t even look half bad, but the whole show is just way too complex for absolutely no reason and I fail to understand where this is suppose to be going anyway.

I won’t be watching this show, if anything I might try to hear if it turned out any good in a couple weeks, but without being sure that this things turn into something completely awesome I can’t find myself watching another minute of it. I won’t recommend this show to anyone either, I just really don’t see what good can come of it, I have some serious issue understanding the reason for Nobunaga the Fool to exist as an anime, to me it looks like a joke without punchline more than anything else right now.

ZeroGhj signing off

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