Nobunagun episode 1 [First Impression]: Alien Invaders

Nobunagun crazy oda

Now, I’m definitively not an expert in Japanese history, but I’m fairly certain that Oda Nobunaga was not know for being a crazy psychopath who had an immense love for guns. I don’t understand why there are so many shows about him lately and how they all picture him in such different and weird ways, but it is starting to slowly annoy me a lot. I don’t think that this show does anything bad in itself, but I fear it is only a generic boring shounen with nothing special to it. Everything we saw this episode felt more like a fanservice for a very specific audience more than anything else to me. This is the perfect show for military fanatic who wish to see reincarnation of important figure of history fight against aliens… Now Jack the Ripper and Oda Nobunaga make sense as “fighter” against invader, but I’m not sure I’d have ever chosen Gandhi or Newton as candidate. Gandhi is a political figure who fought for human rights and political freedom through pacific means and meanwhile Newton was an anti-social asshole genius, but none of them had any fighting skills what so ever.

I really have trouble understanding the logic behind some of those shows this season, it just seems like they made an anime entirely to satisfy 3 people in an audience of millions. Nobunagun concept is so silly that it makes me wonder if the show is not a satire in disguise, but since there was not a single element of comedy in the show apart from the show universe, I feel like maybe this anime is just stupid and there is nothing more to it. I won’t be blogging that show, nor do I expect to watch it or recommend it to anyone, it is a silly shounen and there are a lot more much better shows out there than this joke.

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2 Responses to Nobunagun episode 1 [First Impression]: Alien Invaders

  1. Fenix Apollo says:

    Take it from someone who reads a bunch of things concerning This particular historical figure. Yes, Nobunaga had a knack for being a brutal warlord. He was violent, and there are many reports about him dying his hair with the blood of his fallen enemies on the battlefield. He also had a HUGE love for guns. He is part of the MAIN reason westernization was introduced into the japanese culture. And he was one of the first (If not the first) to use Rifles in every war he marched in. I think this anime depicts him just about right. In the past that is. And using his blood to reawaken his warrior spirit, enhanced, into the future to fight for earth, is phenomenal. I think you LACK appreciation for something that promises to epic and hilarious.
    As for Gandhi? I believe Jack the Ripper even stated that he needed Gandhi’s healing after all. You might need to watch things with an open mind rather than be cynical. Of course, it must be hard for someone like you, lacking in appreciation.

    That said, this anime, to me, promises to be good. Despite the wacky animation. I think it gives it an awesome texture. Not only that, but the main female lead, possessing the genome of Oda Nobunaga, and going from nerdy outcast, to vicious warlord, all for the sake of saving the world, is fucking priceless.

    Perhaps you need to get out more and get a life, rather than insult something good before it’s really even taken off.

    • Zeroghj says:

      While I apologize for misunderstanding the nature of Nobunaga and I recognize I was wrong on its personality, I still don’t see this show as something I could appreciate. I watch every anime that comes out every season and I’ve watched anime for ages now, so when I find something that I judge uninspiring I don’t censor myself and move on. I do not doubt that you can enjoy this show and be passionate about it, especially since you seem invested in the lineage that the main protagonist represent, but for someone with only half interest like me, I feel like this show is just a very generic shounen that brings no emotion or deeper meaning to be conveyed.

      My mind is open for new ideas and concept, but I don’t find much to be new or original in Nobunagun, I don’t doubt that it can be entertaining if watched at face value, but there are tons of anime each season and my time is limited. This is why I am so cynical about anime which provides nothing more than basic entertainment, I need more than action and cool historical figures to be tempted into an anime. You stated that you saw this anime as something that can grow epic and hilarious and here is where our point of view diverges most. I found nothing to be funny in this show and the “epic” you speak of is one I’ve witnessed in so many action shounen before that I’ve grown bored of it.

      Like I previously mentioned already, I don’t doubt YOU can perfectly enjoy this show, but I know I can’t and this first impression reflects perfectly well how I feel about the show.

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