Noragami episode 1 [First Impression]: Praise The Gods!

Noragami god at work

This shounen, Noragami…I like how it plays out and its universe. I wasn’t expecting much from the show, just another regular shounen but I get a somehow different, more original vibe to this one. The whole concept of a benevolent god wishing for follower is interesting, the universe surrounding it too sound entertaining enough and because the show seems to be based around light-hearted comedy more than serious action I feel like this could be a really heart warming and fun show to follow. I’m really much more into hardcore seinen and heavy shows, but there is just something really fun with Noragami that makes me want to see more of it, there is a brilliant balance between dramatic-grim event and light-humour that keeps me smiling and interested at the same time.

The show isn’t the pretty shounen I ever saw, but it has its particular art style, something a bit similar to what you’d see in magical girls. For now we only had one episode, so it is obviously difficult to know in detail how great or lame this show could be, but I’d definitively say that this first episode looks really promising to me, if the show doesn’t end up going full circle never progressing anywhere, it could definitively be a show worth watching this season. I don’t expect Noragami to become a great popular success with everyone and to shatter my idea of an anime, but for a winter anime it sounds like a great watch to warm the heart of all in this cold season (sorry if you are in the southern hemisphere, I still love you).

I will be blogging the second episode of Noragami, I feel like the show deserves it and that I’ll be able to judge better if this will become one of the great show of the season or if it will just turn into some repetitive generic crap.

ZeroGhj signing off

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