Noragami episode 10: Cutting Ties

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This episode things start to turn a bit dark before the end of Noragami. Nora becomes involved once again and she seems to want Yato back for herself somehow. Nora seems to have a knack for killing people and she seems like such a lowly emotion driven bitch. She wants to kill everyone around Yato to make sure that he suffers and that he has no choice but to call for her again. She is like that really annoying bitchy ex that won’t let go of the past and always come back into your life to mess things up so you have no choice but to rely on her again. This makes her a very interesting character to hate, but it does bring me to have some questions about her.

Noragami Nora

It is rather obvious that as soon as a Regalia turns to “the bad side” it transform into a phantom and lose its individuality, form and sanity. Yukine went close to becoming a phantom just last episode, we had a prime example of it happening. Yet  somehow, Nora manages to stay alive and stay a Regalia despite her really vengeful and heinous personality. How is it that Nora manages to stay free from the blight while still having such impure thought? Nora really seems to be acting as if she was desperate and hurt, so how come she is still fine? Is it just because she is free from a master or is there some other reason behind it all? I really want to know what brings a Regalia to be so cruel and still manage to go by just fine.

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If we go back to some of the interesting thing this episode, I must say that there is quite a list of things that really made me think and appreciate the show this episode. I love how it was explained that Tenjin dismiss a Regalia as soon as it strings its master, it gave such a great contrast to the suffering Yato went through. It really showed too how Yukine changed and now truly appreciate everything Yato has done and given to him. he is not the stupid spoiled brat that he was before. We also finally saw Yato start to tackle Hiyori’s problem and what it would entail, it was rather interesting to have Yato realize that to save Hiyori it would imply that she wouldn’t be a part of the spirit world anymore. Even though he is a god, Yato never seemed to realize that her connection with the girl would be impossible if she was to become a normal human being. Now it seems that Nora did some of the job for him already. Nora severed Hiyori’s ties to Yato and at this point I’m not sure what will come from it. Will Yato leave her be to save her? or will he be a selfish god and pull her back in even though he knows it will eventually kill her?

Noragami corruption

Humans and Gods are not meant to live in the same world, they are two different entities and while they each need one another, I’m not sure what will happen to Hiyori if she keeps living in both worlds like this. The next few episodes should be really heavy in action and drama and we might get to see Yato’s full power, both physical and emotional.

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