Noragami episode 11: Old Partners

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The final battle will be here in the next and final episode of Noragami.  There is but a single episode left and it will mark the finale of the great show that Noragami was. Noragami is a show that manages to draw a thin line between comedy and drama and it borders it from start to end. It has a depth to it that we don’t get to see so often in anime, it manages to really brings forth both the good and sad part of life and shine a light on them. I think I have felt sad and happy in every episode and this one was no exception to this rule.

Noragami last touch

We already knew that Hiyori lost her memories and that it would be quite a shock for Yato, but the dilemma that I was waiting for only appeared for a brief moment before it faded. I was wondering what Yato’s decision would be concerning Hiyori’s memories and if he would leave her as is so he could answer her wish or if he would be selfish and try to bring her memories back to her. Turns out that quickly enough there were no more grey areas and bringing her back or memories was the only option short of leaving her become an empty husk. I find it a bit unfortunate that the moral ambiguity in the decision is gone, but I suppose it will make for a much bigger and better ending to see a big battle to settle the past and save the future at the same time.

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I must admit I am a bit sad that Noragami will end next week. It was a show I truly enjoyed watching and I felt it brought something new and meaningful to my life, that the show brought forward interesting ideas and morals that enriched my view of life and offered new angle from which to see things. I feel that the story and universe of Noragami has not reached a hard conclusion yet and that there is much room for future season in the universe. After all, Noragami is doing fairly good in sales and therefore hoping for a second season of the show is not just wishful thinking. Having mentioned a second season, I still hope that most of the explored issues of the show will be given a conclusion before this season end. I would absolutely hate it if things were just left open to be solved in the future, the show has had such a good track record so far, I want for Yato to finally talk a bit more about his past and communicate it to others. We might have learned nearly everything we needed to know as the audience, but the truth has yet to come from Yato’s own mouth. I want for that silly God of Calamity to defend himself and tell his own story for once, he has only one more episode to do so after all.

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