Noragami episode 12 [Final] : Unfortunate ending

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As much as I loved Noragami as a show, I have to say that I was a bit let down with the final episode. I feel like the episode spent way too much time on the battle and fighting and not nearly enough to explain why the two of them were fighting in the first place. Yato’s reasons were simple and easy enough to figure out, but Rabo was really mysterious and it was difficult to grasp the reason to his madness. Even after he died and explained why he decided to fight Yato, I felt that the explanation for Rabo’s final wish was rather short and limited. I mean, he used to be Yato’s equal and partner in crime, the two of them started fighting together and the explanation for the fight was nowhere to be found. We did learn at the end that Rabo was looking at a way to end it all, but we didn’t learn about it until it was already too late. I wish we could have had more emotion put into that fight, I wish we could have learned the objective of both sides and understand why we had to watch this battle that lasted for most of the final episode.

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Noragami is no shounen, it is an interesting seinen with a lot of morals and deeper meanings. To have an episode consist primarily of a single, long, drawn out battle just doesn’t give such a great impression for the finale. I wish that the battle would have been a much shorter part of the episode, just a catalyst for more story to be told and concluded. I never watched Noragami hoping for a 20 minutes fight, the fighting is important, but should never be at such  a central stage. I think that more importance to Rabo should have been given in the previous episode and at the beginning of this one. We needed some hint at what he was trying to do or to prove, we needed a reason to enjoy this fight. Fighting should be a way to solve problems, it should be used as a medium for characters to solve conflict in a more “television-friendly” way. Fighting without context doesn’t bring anything.

Noragami dying god

In the end, this just kind of tarnished the ending of what proves to be a brilliant show. There are a lot of great shows that were airing at the same time as Noragami, but it has the honour of being the best show that began in Winter 2014 for me, until next season, it will remain the best new show of the year. And that’s something it should be proud of.

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