Noragami episode 2: On the Edge

Noragami losing her body

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My mind is set, I like this show and love the way it is going. I don’t even care anymore if it will be fast paced, slow paced or just a cumulative accumulation of random event, the universe and the way it is presented sold it to me. There is this unique balance of mystery, drama and happiness, it seems that the show is always on the edge between pure bliss and complete misery. Hiyori is a person on the edge of both world, she is both a human and a spirit and I believe it is just fantastic that this show manages to put the story so much on the edge of both world too. You have the cheerfulness and youthful bliss of school life in the realm of the living and the angst and terror of the spirit world and both coexist in the eye of Hiyori and our own while we watch the show. At every second of watching it I’m never show if the show is going to make me cry or laugh, I’m constantly on the emotional edge of my seat, waiting to know what to express between tears and laughter. It is a really unique experience and I enjoy it thoroughly.

Noragami enemy

Now when it comes to the story itself, I found it interesting to see that Regalia are the good spirit of the world that are just trapped unable to move on, or at the very least this is how I understood it for now. Now why does some spirit manifest in bigger or smaller sword is something that I suppose goes with the experience or strength of one soul, so I guess Yato really lucked out by finding a Regalia this potent. Even if the guy turns out to be a bit annoying and disrespectful I’m sure he cannot be worse than the previous Regalia that Yato owned. I’m actually rather curious to learn what kind of relationship a god and a Regalia have when they are not in combat, I feel like this is something much more interesting than just seeing a sword slicing up spirit left and right.

Noragami new sword

After having seen 2 episodes of Noragami I have definitively made up my mind, I’m going to blog Noragami I believe this show might be one of the gem of the season, its presentation is sublime and it is exactly what I’d hope to see from a Bones production. I’m looking forward to the next 10 episodes and I’m on board no matter where this show might lead.

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