Noragami episode 3: The Treasure of living

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I wasn’t expecting to learn what it meant to be a regalia so quickly after we just found one, but I think it pretty interesting how Noragami somehow is already making quick look at what it means to be alive and dead, usually a show tries to get a bit more into its universe and story before making light comments on their view on life, but Noragami already feels so well established in term of universe that I don’t blame them for already passing comment on the value of life.

Noragami job from a god

It was interesting to know that Regalia where people who died and wished to live, their soul stayed in this world because even though they traversed hardship and that they robbed of their life, they still long to stay on this planet and keep on living as well as they can. I am not a spiritual person myself, but I like the idea of a person wishing and loving life so much that he would be too stubborn to give up on it even after dying. There is something rather heroic and courageous to the act of living, life is no easy task, it is filled with challenges and hardship and dying is such an easy way to find peace. I found myself deeply impressed of people who lived through hardship and managed to still live life to the fullest, but I guess I am getting away from the subject at hand here.

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If there is one thing that really bugged me this episode is that Hiyori followed Yato around, spent her whole day in her spiritual form…and let her body lying on the ground in front of a restaurant in public sight. I think that girl must have a death wish of some kind. It is already troubling enough to lose consciousness in public, it is a whole other issue to be left there unattended for hours on end. The girl is going to find her body roughed up and abused one day and she will have no one else to blame but herself. I know it is not intentional when she loses her body, but she should still try her best to recover it and put it somewhere safe before she loses it permanently, having her tail cut off is one thing, having no body to return to is even worse.

Other than this little problem, I continue to love Noragami. This episode I took special attention to the soundtrack of the show and realized how beautiful it was. I already loved the opening song but I never realized how magical and important the soundtrack was in giving the eerie feeling that gives Noragami such a great atmosphere. While this was only a single episode, I recommend keeping attention to the music in the soundtrack in the future, sometimes it is fantastic to realize the small things in life that you usually never notice, things that you wouldn’t know was there unless you actually put your attention to it.

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