Noragami episode 4: Endless Fall

Noragami falling down

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I cannot overstate how much I enjoy both the opening and closing theme of Noragami, both the song and animation are just splendid and gives such a pure and extreme feeling to the show. It is not something as memorable and epic as Shingeki no Kyojin, or an ending as weird and bone chilling as Aku no Hana, but it respects the emotions of the show and both songs feels unique and fresh. I feel like the opening in particular would be rather difficult to mix-up with another show.

Noragami King Yato

In this episode we got to have a pretty fun small wish granted for someone about to kill himself, but I’ll talk about that later because what really caught my attention this episode was rather Yato’s past than his present. It was already mentioned that Yato was a God of war, how exactly he came to existence is still unknown, but that’s not what was important this important. What’s important is to learn that God only exists as long as they have someone to believe in them and as long as they are remembered. As soon as a God fades from public consciousness, he disappears and essentially dies. In the past Yato had to follow the wish of psychopath and murder people in order to stay alive in consciousness. Some god are meant to be loved, others exists to be feared, Yato used to fall into the second category. I am rather uncertain how Yato managed to stay into existence in the recent past, considering he had absolutely no one believe in him, but I guess just having part time jobs from time to time was enough for him to stay relevant enough to exist. I’m pretty sure that I’d kill thousands of people too if it meant I could keep on existing, so I don’t blame him one bit for his past, what concerns me instead is to the series of event which made him the God he is now. How do you go from a God of War who killed people so they would fear him…to a pathetic part-timer God who sleep in the streets? I’m eager to have those questions answered more than to know more about his past.

Noragami new regalia

Not that his past doesn’t sound interesting though. I could definitively have a whole episode of past memories of carnage and murder, feel the rage and Godlike power of Yato the God of War. I feel like he intentionally step down his own ability quite a bit, I’m curious to see the real power of a God. This new Regalia that showed up near the end brings an aura of cruelty and despair, so knowing more about her would prove rather interesting too.

Despite all that, I think that what I found the most hilarious in this episode was definitively the endless fall and discussion while falling. It was made to be surreal and it was even joked at, I don’t know how the show managed to break the fourth wall like that and destroy its own reality and still sound so real and interesting. I didn’t feel cheated that the show didn’t respect its universe, on the contrary I appreciated it. How can an anime can go to unreasonable event to down to earth pain in a single episode and juggle with those emotions so well? I’m not sure, but Noragami certainly seems to be a great show to witness such things.

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