Noragami episode 5: Amoral God

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I must admit that I felt this episode of Noragami to be a bit less interesting than the other one I’ve seen so far. The episode definitively wasn’t bad in any way, but I guess it was a bit too emotional for me and it didn’t really manage to reach me emotionally as it should have. It was interesting and sad to see Yukine be so terrified and scared without Yato around, but at the same time Yukine remains such a mystery and I find him really hard to relate to. I can understand that Yukine had it rough in his past life, but I have some trouble truly understanding his moral compass and his desires. All I know about him so far is that he is afraid of the dark and that he is a pervert like any normal teenage boys, this really makes for shallow basis to relate to him.

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Nevertheless, there was one important piece of information discussed this episode that really caught my attention. It was interesting to learn from Yato himself that Gods have no moral compass. A Deity isn’t able to distinguish between good or bad, they are all-mighty but they were never human, good and bad is something that humanity decides for itself. Therefore Regalia are the source of a god moral standing.  Which means that a God choices are heavily influenced by the number of Regalia it has and the moral standing and life experience of those Regalia. Because Yato only has a single regalia it would presumably mean that he can perceive good and wrong only from Yukine and from past experience…and considering his past experience, it could explain his rather drastic character.

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I must say I am rather curious to know how closely does a God has to “follow” the moral guideline of their regalia, I’m aware that Yato is stung every time Yukine feels sinful, but is that sting only something annoying and easy to forget about, or is it something that would pain him enough to force a god into submission. Would Yato be able to completely ignore Yukine’s feelings and go on with his previously established moral agenda? Or will he simply slowly be influence by Yukine over time and change his view of life as they start to understand one another? It was rather obvious at the end of the episode that Yukine felt deeply hurt of having killed the little girl, but will this make Yato change the way he acts and solve problems or will it simply create a tension between Yato and Yukine which will result with Yato scolding his regalia? I must admit I’m rather curious to see which path will be followed.

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In another smaller turn of event, we now have another character (most likely another god) revealed and she seems rather potent at killing phantom, but she also seems rather hostile towards Yato. One could say that she seemed to be plotting something or spying on him, but the reason for this are completely unbeknownst to me. I’m pretty sure we will find out about it rather quickly though as I believe that Goddess to be rather important in the story from her presence in the opening theme.

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