Noragami episode 6: God of Calamity

Noragami mufasa strikes back

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This episode was much more serious in general than what Noragami has made us expect in the past. From the beginning to the end the episode was heavy in emotion and resentment. It seems that the more time passes by the more Yato begins to be the center of disdain and fear and he doesn’t want to try and defend himself one bit. It is fairly clear by the way he acts that Yato doesn’t believe he is such a terrible person and that instead he is ashamed of his past, but because he is trying to atone for his sins he accepts the cruel look of everyone around him as punishment for what he has done in the past.

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We have so little information still about Yato, all we have is nasty rumours and insulting names. Yet despite all those bad omen around Yato, he seems to be liked by most Gods and he does good and honest work around town. We always see him dreaming about having a temple and doing ridiculous things, it is rather difficult to think that this Yato could possibly be a God of Calamity who kills for fun. Things are usually much more complex than that in reality. I mean if Kofuku can be such an innocent jolly little girl and be responsible for such bad luck and unfortunate events, I can’t see why Yato couldn’t possibly be a God of Calamity. Kofuku walks around as a living disaster but she doesn’t seem to have any ill intention in mind, I’m just really curious to finally learn what is the deal with Yato once and for all.

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Speaking of the mysteries of Yato, it seems that Nora really is one of Yato’s Regalia after all. It wasn’t completely clear if it was the case or not previously, but now it was made pretty obvious that she was not just another acquaintance and that Yato was purposefully hiding her from sight for some reason. It sounds rather evident at this point that Yato is either ashamed or spiteful of Nora and it is probably related to what happened in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Nora is the Regalia that Yato used back when he killed for a living, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she was influencing Yato to make all those bad life decisions, but I figure we might not know the truth anytime soon once again.

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For now Yato wants to make Yukine his Regalia as much as possible, but they seem to be unable to cooperate and now Yato’s life seems to be in peril seeing as the blight is spreading on the back of his neck. It is rather evident that it is Yukine’s fault as he is falling into temptation and depression, but Yato doesn’t seems to be really actively trying to help him or save him by any means. I would be rather active in trying to find a solution if an evil disease was eating me alive, but I guess Yato is a bit too chill for his own good. I think the reason this show is so good is mostly because of how mysterious Yato is, I just really hope that he was not just completely stupid and keeping stuff for himself for no reason instead of just telling the truth. I hope he has some serious backstory and evil deed done in the past that are worthy to keep from mentioning to any outsiders. I figure we will learn more about it soon enough, after all it has already been 2 episodes that we turn around the questions without anything close to an answer.

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