Noragami episode 8: Crossing the Line

Noragami Yukine

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I wasn’t sure if things were going to get this far or not, but I guess we got an answer to that rather quickly. We have already reached the point where Yato cannot even function even a slight bit anymore, it seems that the pain endure from the blight is much more than it seems from the look of it. I was expecting for Yato to keep moving and fighting even with blight covering most of his body, but it seems that with even just half of it covere it Yato is about to lose his life.

Noragami blighted

Noragami is able to make such good point about important subject like bullying, I must admit it is impressive. While bullying is a subject that cannot possibly be explored properly in a single episode like this one, they did manage to get the important points out. Having a single friend that matters a lot to you is all that matter, just find that special person that you can share your pain and fun with, and the world will be a much gentler and happier place for the both of you. Being popular doesn’t amount at anything both in the present and in the future, popularity never brings happiness, you will find that most often it is those who don’t stand out that are the happiest and the only thing they have to show for it is the smile they constantly wear and the self-confidence they show as they act.

Noragami crossing the line

Bullying aside, the other thing that was deeply interesting this episode is once again Yato. The guy is so mysterious it is crazy sometimes. It has always been obvious that Yato was a mystery and more than what he seems to be, but I would have never guess that he would get this difficult to follow the more we got to learn about him. Now we know for a fact that Yukine is killing him ever faster, yet Yato somehow decides to keep fighting it and to keep Yukine alive despite all other advice. Everyone around him say that Yukine should be killed, but Yato wants none of it and he is currently losing everything for…what exactly? It is rather obvious that Yato has some really profound and moral motives, but what those motives actually are is something to be left to each own imagination for now. I feel like Yato is either someone really righteous who wishes to save every soul or he has some deep guilt about his past that he is trying to atone for by suffering in trying to save Yukine. Yato has said that teenagers are the most difficult to deal with, but there are signs that Yato was involved with difficult Regalia in the past, so maybe forming difficult Regalia is just a thing for him…who knows.

Noragami suffering

Either way, the more things are going and the more I fall in love with Noragami, the more I can appreciate the greatness of this production, the story and emotions that it brings is worth watching it over and over. Noragami currently gets my vote for best show starting Winter 2014.

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