Noragami episode 9: Redemption

Noragami helping a friend in need

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This was a fight that we saw coming for a while, not a fight of weapon and fist, but rather one of mind and heart. Yukine finally had to confront his actions, explains himself and stop running away at every occasion he had. You never solve any problem by shutting up and running away, your problems won’t go away no matter how fast you try to run. No one ever became a happier and better person by forgetting about everything and pretending that nothing is wrong, this just cause sorrow and pain. Yukine is a prime example of that, he and Yato never really communicated how they felt, other than Yato being stung by Yukine all the time. I said it countless time already, but their lack of communication (or rather their one way communication) is what was their downfall. You cannot just ignore what is going on and hope things to get better. I seriously hope that now Yato will start being a bit more talkative and stop assuming without doing any effort. It is about time he stops feeling guilty about his past and starts talking about it to become a better person and make some friends instead of enemies.

Noragami Yato in pain

Enough with my little scolding, let us take a look at some of the symbolism present in this week episode. Most of today’s episode consist of Yukine being purged and repenting for his wrong. What is interesting here is that the show found an interesting way to present the mental and emotional struggle that Yukine was going through. It is always rather difficult to picture properly the pain a character feels in a movie or anime, you can see tears, injuries, people can understand the emotions on someone’s face, but it is much more difficult when the struggle happens in your heart. Noragami used two approaches to demonstrate that struggle, the first one is used all the time in fantasy anime, it was the whole possession. Yukine was slowly being consumed by hatred…literally. We have seen this scenario countless of times in anime, but it still remains a very easy way to show the torment of one soul in front of a mental and moral challenge.

Noragami demon Yukine

Now, the second thing that the show used to really portrait Yukine’s emotions was the physical struggle that every other human had to go through to help him fight it out. You see, you have to realize that most of the time, people don’t come out of trouble alone and in the case of Yukine he had the help of 4 people to bring him back to the side of the living and well. We were able to see all 3 Regalia start to panic and struggle to help him, but they did it anyway. This is another way to see Yukine’s struggle; by looking at it from the perspective of stranger who have come to help.

Noragami Bishamon's team

I have a pretty good idea where the show will go from here. It is rather obvious that now that Yukine has been secured, Yato will be force to reveal everything about his past through painful events and challenges in the present. I wonder just how much we will actually learn and if there is any twist to come or if the ending will only be there to settle things, without upsetting any of our preconceived knowledge of Yato. We will learn about all of this soon enough.

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