Nourin episode 1 [First Impression]: Silver Spoon Stupid Version

Nourin cow in class

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You really enjoyed the anime Silver Spoon? Love the setting and the serious story and slice of life? Well would you love watching a show in the exact same setting but with lamer characters and a much less interesting story? Because in that case Nourin is the perfect show for you !

In more seriousness, Nourin is a light comedy/romance in a agricultural school setting and I’m sure plenty of people could enjoy it as an ok romcom, but since I’m a romcom hater and that I hate the farm setting this show was just completely out of my interest. I don’t understand why people enjoy those kind of show so much when they are so repetitive, but I guess I cannot talk since I watch so many shounen to begin with. I’ll keep this overview short because it means so little to me.

Art wise the show is fine, the character design is rather boring and generic and the setting is the new novelty lately so take it as you want. I won’t be watching or blogging this show and I can’t really recommend it to anyone because of my deep indifference towards everything it represents.

ZeroGhj signing off

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