One Piece Episode 487: The Not-So-Sweet Escape

The title pretty much says it all. The pirates are trying to escape, they’re failing pretty badly at it.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing more needs to be said.

EET EEZ ZEE APOCALYPSE!!!!! Well, kinda. Everyone is stuck on an island that’s on the verge of being completely destroyed, and since island = surrounded by water and no easy escape route available, you can consider it’s the apocalypse. Blackbeard continues his earthquake rampage from last episode and laughs like a maniac, saying “NO ONE CAN BEAT ME!!!” and causing the said apocalypse from before. That is, until Sengoku ZEE BIG BUDDHA decides to crush him using his buddha powers Haha. Owned. They start to fight, and meanwhile Ivan tries desperately to fight Akainu and prevent him from getting to Luffy. After many attemps, he gets beaten for good and Akainu is on the loose, going after Jimbei and Luffy.

Meanwhile, all the pirates are trying to run away desperately, while the marines keep attacking them over and over again. Coby looks at this from far and realizes that this war is now pointless, and that all pirates are meaninglessly being killed. Back to Akainu, said evil lava dude manages to injure Jimbei and Luffy, and Luffy is about to get killed when Crocodile comes back to the screen after ages and saves him.

*Open parenthesis* Ok, seriously. WTF IS CROCODILE’S PROBLEM?!?! I don’t get this guy. One day he’s the bad guy, then he turns around and helps Luffy out multiple times. What is this, the producers needed someone to save Luffy and didn’t have anyone else to turn to? I mean, not that I mind that much, it prevents Luffy from dying and personally I like Crocodile’s Devil Fruit Power, so if he fights on the good side, that’s pretty badass, but STILL. It’s weird -_-‘ Anyways… *Close parenthesis*

After we witness more of Buggy’s ABSOLUTE IDIOCY foolish actions, he then accidentally saves Luffy and Jimbei. After a few minutes where Buggy keeps acting like a horrible freakin’ ugly brat foolishly, Trafalgar Law suddenly appears from his submarine, saying “IMA BE AWESOME AND IMA SAVE LUFFY FROM THE BAD GUYS!”. Anyways, whatever his motives may be, it makes us happy because Luffy can then be safe and sound. We don’t get to see that yet though, because as soon as Law shows up the episode ends and we witness the “To Be Continued” sign once again, for the 487th time.


P.S.: Yes, I’m hyper!


1- BLACKBEARD PISSES MEH OFF. I dun laik ‘im. He always thinks he’s so powerful and cool, but he looks ugly, his voice pisses me off and his laugh angers me even more than his voice. Moreover, everytime he says something like “IMA OWN THE WORLD” Someone important turns around and kicks his ass, making him look even more powerless. Sure, his plan to get Whitebeard’s power wasn’t too bad, but in the end he fails.

2- Nice foreshadowing we noticed in this episode. I won’t go into details, but the pirates’ desperate attempt to run away, Coby’s speech and a certain object flying away showed us that something was going to happen soon. This war has been going on for way too long, and there has to be a way to finish everything off quickly once Luffy manages to escape which should be soon, at least I hope so because they can’t stretch out him getting on Law’s boat for too long, I mean he’s pretty much there already.

3- This is starting to take a while… So many people keep appearing! I mean, Luffy showed up with his gang, then Mr. 3, then Ace well, kinda, then they made Blackbeard appear, and now Law? Gee, I thought this war was crowded before Luffy even showed up -_-‘ Moreover, now that the war is pretty much over it’s taking a while before it gets anywhere else… Hopefully next episode is my wishful episode where so and so happens! Do not worry, non-manga readers! We’re getting closer to the point where I stopped reading and I will stop saying that interesting things will happen!.

You might show up out of random, but you still look pretty damn awesome 🙂

Apart from that, uhhhh… I don’t quite think I have anything else to say that I didn’t mention before. And so I guess this is the end of my review.

Peace! Or Piece, and then I could make a joke how there’s only ONE and not multiple, if I wanna go into a horrible pun phase… Ok, I’ll shut up.

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