One Piece Episode 490: The New Era

Alright,so this episode we start off like all the others before, where Luffy is trying to rescue Ace and war is- OH WAIT!!! NO IT DOESN’T!

That’s right, you heard me. The war is over!


I skipped the summary for this post, for the simple reason that the whole thing is basically factual information and there’s not really a point in summarizing facts that people will have seen while watching the show anyways.

Someone please tell me why this serious guy explaining serious information has such bright pants...

Basically, this was the start of the new era. I was fascinated by many things in this episode, and there was a lot of things that were said that were very deep and seriously meant to be understood in other, deeper ways, and it definitely proves that this show isn’t meant for kids.

First off, the “complete victory of the Marines” in the war. Of course, when I heard that, I thought the same as everyone else: “BULLSHIT.” Then, I actually started thinking about it. This is a world where many pirates are everywhere, pillages occur regularly, pirates are a menace and they are chased down by the Marines, who are so to say “the security of the world”. Then, there is this gigantic war that happens, menacing the security of the whole world, and all of a sudden this war is ended because of one of those so-called “mean pirates”. Of course the Marines can’t say this, or that the war was in fact absolutely horrible and involved many casualties! If they do, then not only will they lose their reputation, all this will obviously instigate fear into the population, thinking “what if the Marines lose to the pirates?” and “the Marines are in fact the bad guys, I should actually side with the pirates and go against the law”. Basically, I was amazed at how deep the theme of wars was input into this show. It reminds us of war in our world, and how what we hear nowadays about wars past may not have been completely true. There can never be winners and losers in a war, and both sides have their own rights to follow. Only the ones who gain dominance are “right” and the others suddenly become “wrong”.

As for the rest, it is quite interesting, however it involves much more the actual show’s plot. A new era is starting! Some decide to side with Blackbeard, some side against him, many think about Luffy and his sudden importance, and everyone realizes that this is an important turning point in the world. I particularly loved the words told by all the rookies, which foreshadow a lot in what will happen next. Now that Apoo has mentioned it, I wonder what will happen between Law and Luffy… Will they still become allies, or enemies, or will Law betray Luffy? I have no idea, but Apoo’s words made me curious… Hawkins’ predictions about Luffy were also quite interesting, apparently Luffy can never have no chance of getting out of a situation…

The rest of the episode mentioning the situation in Impel Down was pretty damn scary, and I was glad we learned of Luffy’s situation. I, just like Jimbei, can’t imagine how he’s going to feel once he wakes up!

So anyways… This week’s episode was great! Next week I believe we will be starting a flashback arc, if I remember correctly… It’s long, sometimes annoying, but quite necessary so we have to go through with it!

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