One Piece Episode 493: Flashbacks Pt. 1

Before I start talking about anything else… WOOOOOOOH!!! NEW OPENING, FUCK YEAH!!!!! Not that I didn’t like last opening I was actually really impressed by it and loved how much it fit with the arc’s mood, however i was getting annoyed with it since it had been there for a while.

The opening itself was quite similar to the other ones, meaning: I loved the song and the animation, the opening was really well done, however it’s once again really long. Apart from that, I’m glad Luffy’s nakama are shown profusely, that means we’ll probably get to see them again and I really want them to have some screen time once again because they’re freakin’ awesome :).

As for this episode, well I mean I kinda spoiled it with the title, but it’s all about FLASHBACKS! How did Luffy and Ace meet? *gasp* We will know in the next episode- Oh wait, it’s this episode. My bad I was caught up in my catchphrase, sorry :3.

10 years ago in East Blue Luffy was 7 and Ace was 10, meaning they’re now 17 and 20, Garp decided to teach Luffy a lesson since he was too caught up in Shanks’ brainwashing and to have him raised by the same bunch of bandits who take care of Ace. Upon us learning that Luffy’s an annoying little kid although it was to be expected, he then meets Ace, who looks badass and cute ^^ but seems to be very antisocial. After getting used to his new place of living, Luffy decides to pursue Ace, wherever he is going, and as persistent as he is, he doesn’t manage to reach him and falls into a valley. He doesn’t come back until much later after we’ve seen images of Ace’s memories in Windmill village, falls asleep right away, and the next day he’s back in perfect shape and running after Ace again. So he does, day after day after day after- anyways, and after 3 months HE HAS FINALLY MADE IT TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST! Talk about a stubborn little kid. Thus, the episode ends and we will get to know what’s on the other side in the next episode of ONE PIECEThis time was the right time to say it 😀.


Alright, well this episode was quite awesome, now let’s review it, shall we? 😀

It seems like Ace is quite the antisocial kid at the moment, although, from what I’ve seen of Luffy and how he acted, as an older boy I’d definitely not want him to follow me It looks like he’s the most ANNOYING thing in town. As for Luffy, he’s exactly the same simple-minded idiot he is as he grows older, there’s absolutely no change there. He’s stupid, stubborn and a pain in the ass who loves meat. I found it really funny when he was looking around for Ace, that was great!

Apart from that, well this is a flashback and since this is just the build up I can’t say anything much more than what I said already… Everything will continue next week!


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