One Piece Episode 539: Merman Island's Invasion

Yeah, that’s right, everyone. One Piece is in the place!!!!!

Starting from today on, I will be blogging this every week, putting my heart and rants into these posts to discuss the amazing show that is One Piece. And, unlike last time, I will not drop it I swear!


This week, Robin finally finds the poneglyph she has been looking for, while the castle and now the town as well are invaded by Hordy’s gang. In town, all villagers are forced to step on “a picture” of someone, and that someone turns out to be a human woman, as well as the Princes’ mother. Caribou is also out hunting for Mermaids, capturing only females while showing them his most perverted smile.

I don't doubt you did, rapist.

Meanwhile, Jimbei takes his sweet, sweet time to talk to Luffy and Nami about Arlong because helping his home island is the least of his worries, and Nami remembers what life used to be like before Arlong, as well as the painful times he made her go through And so I welcome thee to a flashback hell.

Jimbei begins his story about the history of Mermen, however he barely has time to start that the “To Be Continued” sign appears and the episode ends.



Oh, how I enjoy watching the usual One Piece all over again ^.^

I particularly liked seeing Sanji being back to himself again, not that his endless nosebleeds were starting to piss me off, but I like his playboy and obsessed version much better. Moreover, he had time to look badass and defend Nami when it was the time for it 🙂 Oh, and I was sarcastic about the endless nosebleeds -_-‘

Although we haven’t seen much of her, I can’t wait until Robin uncovers what is said on that poneglyph! I’m also curious to know more about Princess Shirayuki’s mother, because it seems like she was a human? There’s definitely some good story behind that… But of course, we won’t hear about it until another 3 episodes at least, so might as well forget it for now.

I wonder what else Jimbei has to say about Arlong and his men, we’ll be able to uncover a great deal of good stuff about him soon. I thought we would get more in this episode, but it turned out to be a refresher more than anything else, with the recaps and everything. For once, I didn’t feel like they were useless, there was actually a great deal of things I had forgotten about, like Nami’s pain and everything. Next episode will mostly involve Arlong as he was before moving out to East Blue…

See you next time!


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