One Piece Episodes 474 + 475: Flashbacks Pt 2

The bro love between Luffy and Ace continues!

Episode 474

As Luffy just got out of the forest, he ends up in a place called “Gray Terminal”, which is basically a trash dump full of criminals. Luffy, careless, tries to go and find Ace in that junk pit, amongst the thieves and into the trash. He searches… And searches… And searches some more… Until he finally finds Ace going back into the forest.

On Ace’s side, he was busy beating up some thugs in order to run away with their cash and then he runs into the forest and meets his friend, named Sabo. Apparently, they have been saving up a lot of money in order to become pirates. They are talking about the fact that “no one can ever find their hidden cache” when suddenly Luffy pops up, saying “I WANNA BECOME A PIRATE TOO!”, and obviously finding their secret cache.

In less time than it takes to say “shoobidoobap”, Ace and Sabo have knocked Luffy out and tied him up to a tree. They have a short conversation with him it confirms what we pretty much knew already, the fact that Luffy has no brains AT ALL, conclude that if they leave Luffy alone he’ll tell their secret for sure, and decide to kill him. Luffy objects oh, well at least he’s not THAT stupid, and then since Ace and Sabo “don’t know how to kill someone” lolz they continue arguing. With that much noise, they attract some bad guys, and Luffy gets captured almost immediately idiot. The bandits ask him where the money is, and Luffy tries to lie, however unfortunately for Ace and Sabo, Luffy is a TERRIBLE liar and the pirates leave with the intention of torturing him in order to make him talk.

Luffy says nothing, and after Ace and Sabo have moved all the treasure, they realize that Luffy hasn’t said anything yet and decide to go rescue him.

Episode 475

Last episode, Luffy was a careless kid who kept being punched and said nothing. This time, it looks like it’s Ace’s turn to be careless. After they have managed to untie Luffy, Sabo is ready to run away when Ace states that he will not run, despite the probability that he’ll get his ass kicked. Fortunately for him, it looks like he’s good enough, because with Sabo’s help they defeat him and run away with Luffy.

The pirate captain, hearing the story, decides to go after the kids, who are currently back in the forest. Luffy’s crying like a baby again, while Ace and Sabo are discussing their imminent death from the Bluejam pirates No big deal. Ace then turns to Luffy and asks him why he wants to be friends with him so badly, to which Luffy replies that he has no one else to trust and that Ace is the only person he can be friends with Awww… Poor lil’ Luffy 🙁 . Then, it’s now time for Ace to go back in sad memories, because he used to be lonely too and wants to feel important because everyone else hates him *sniff* So full of loneliness :(...

After this depressing conversation full of sadness, Sabo breaks it off and tells them that basically, if he doesn’t start living with Ace and Luffy he’ll get killed by the Bluejam pirates for sure. So he goes, and Dadan seems pretty pissed the fact that Sabo insults her over and over again definitely doesn’t help however she takes him in anyways.

The next day, all 3 kids leave, while Sabo informs Dadan that the Bluejam pirates may come over and kill her wow, I think he’s not even being such an ass on purpose... They go eat, and then Luffy shows a bit of what he can do with his rubber devil fruit and ends up eaten by a gigantic crocodile that guy sure knows how to get into the most troublesome situations… *sigh*.

The kids then come back, and after having eaten the crocodile Episode 475 ends and we will have to wait until next week in order to know what happened.


Hmm, I’m not usually a big fan of flashbacks, but this time it’s really interesting and funny. I like especially Luffy’s and Sabo’s personalities. I mean, Luffy is the same idiot that he is in the present, and Sabo is the most obnoxious little brat ever. As for Ace, well I mean I like him of course I do but he’s just so much in a “I’m cool and being nice is way too nerdy for me” that it’s kinda getting annoying.

I really liked Luffy’s determination though. They basically decided to stick to his personality even as a kid, and as he was being beaten up the fact that he managed to withstand through all that proves that he’s not that much of a wimp despite him being 7. After all, he’s supposed to be strong even now, since his grandpa kept throwing him into the forest, so I really wanna see him fight as a kid Moreover, it’d be SO CUTE ^.^ .

These 2 episode basically had a bit of everything. I mean, episode 474 was mostly action and suspense, I just wish Luffy would have started fighting also. As for episode 475, I found it really funny, and it also helped build a little bit of suspense: “When will the Bluejam pirates strike?”

Talking about that, I’m thinking that Sabo will not finish this flashback arc in good condition… I mean, according to the stories from before, Ace was apparently Luffy’s only family, so I’m really curious to see what’s going to happen to him…

Also, please note: Starting here, I have not read the manga and therefore have no idea what’s going to happen :).

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