Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji episode 1[First Impression]: You’ve messed with the wrong guy

ookami shoujo kyouya sadist


Upon her entrance in high school, Shinohara Erika decides that she cannot be alone and so, in order to make friends, makes up a story about her having a super cool and handsome boyfriend. In order to avoid suspicion about this “boyfriend” of hers, she takes a picture of a random guy on the streets, but it turns out that the guy is in the same high school as her. She convinces him to act as her fake boyfriend, but the other party, named Sata Kyouya, turns out to be much more than she anticipated and turns out to be a sadist.


If you thought Usui from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama was kind of sadistic, then you definitely hadn’t met Sata Kyouya yet. In this anime we meet the handsome, sadistic and twisted dog lover, and our main heroine has now become his pet.

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Well, I certainly didn’t remember the manga to be this good. This episode was awesome, and gave really good vibes that this would turn out to be THE romance of the season. Everyone should get their feels radar ready, because there will be lots in this twisted yet heart-thumping Romance Comedy. This show being 12 episodes long, I would almost expect for an open-ending with no development between our main characters, but as I have read the manga, I believe it is possible for the producers to give this show a fair conclusion and to skip out the part which I dropped – that is, when they start going out and dragging on the story until nothing ever happens.

ookami shoujo kyouya picThis first episode had quite the impact. With a guy that looks like he could be gorgeous in any situation and a premise which promises to be very annoying for the main heroine but very funny for us to spectate, this show definitely has what it takes to become one of the top shows this season. Sata Kyouya’s handsomeness is very, very well animated… *ahem* yeah. The show also promises to give us some originality in its depiction of the main heroine as a blatant liar who only cares about fitting in with friends that clearly don’t match her at all – this should allow for some interesting character development (or at least, I hope so). You guys should be in for a funny, handsome and cute ride.

I believe that any good old romance lover will definitely enjoy this show. Considering the popularity of the manga at present, the way this is animated and my personal first impression of the show so far, I feel like Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji will most likely top the charts this season in terms of RomCom, or if it doesn’t, it will at least be in the nominees. Romance lovers shouldn’t miss out on this, and I’ll definitely be watching it for at least some time before I remember why I dropped the manga.

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