Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji episode 2: more faking

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Due to Sata Kyouya being too much of a jerk to her, Erika decides to try and look for another guy which might become her real boyfriend so that she can ditch Kyouya. At this opportune moment, Kimura appears in her life, acting just like a nice and perfect boyfriend would, which causes Erika to fall in love with him, Unfortunately for her, it turns out that Kimura simply wanted to take revenge on Kyouya, and upon learning that they’re not really going out, stops hitting on Erika and ditches her after a date.


It’s time for Erika to fall in love for the first time! Well, that’s too bad, because the guy she ‘falls in love’ with turns out to be a dick simply looking for revenge.

This episode turned a little more generic than what I would have hoped for, but with such a template RomCom that we have, it’s not that much of a surprise, despite the fact that the love rival ended up appearing much sooner than it normally should have been the case. But man, this show really loves showing how fake people are in high school.

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Destroying facades is what Wolf Girl and the Black Prince is all about. With a main character who lies about having boyfriends to her friends who lie about always being happy with their boyfriends out of jealousy over Erika’s fake boyfriend, we then get the male lead pretending to be a gentle prince when in reality he’s a sadist, and just now we add to that a man pretending to be nice in order to attain revenge. If this show doesn’t help people figure out that high school is just a bunch of bullshit drama full of people doing this kind of thing, then nothing will ever change that person’s mind.

ookami shoujo kimura fakeThis feature of the anime does make the show seem a lot more realistic than other regular Shoujo anime, however. Not to say that Ookami Shoujo is necessarily the most original thing out there, but it does have a side to it that makes it stand out from the others, and that side is how it portrays different characters, showing a very different but somewhat realistic side of high school. It just shows that everyone is a liar and has ulterior motives, and that, if some guy just happens to be really nice to you, then all he wants is probably just to get in your pants, because guys really aren’t like that.

This show is not great. It’s nothing special to its genre. I know people have said this of the show, and I can mostly agree with them. What I do like about this show, however, is that even though the recipe is overused, it’s well-made, and everyone loves well-made recipes even if they’re overused. If you don’t like the show now, don’t expect anything more out of it and stop watching now; this is a RomCom, pure and simple, looking to entertain fans of the genre and only them. Meanwhile, I’ll just go and look at Sata Kyouya’s pictures~

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