Ore Monogatari!! episode 1 [First Impression]: The Ogre and The Princess

Ore Monogatari!! Gouda the Master

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 Ore Monogatari!! is a school romance involving a really big and manly first year student in high school who falls in love with girls but never get to have any because of how scary he looks. He also happens to have the most beautiful around as a friend and he has to suffer seeing him refuse all the ladies while he suffers alone. Our main protagonist, Gouda, is not phased by this though and when he see a wonderful girl whom has a crush on him, he instantly assumes that she instead likes his friends and the man tries his best to get the two of them together. Gouda is dense in more than one way, but he is a real gentleman at heart and it makes Ore Monogatari!! a real good anime to watch.

Ore Monogatari!! super model friend

The cheerfulness and happiness of Ore Monogatari!! is very reminiscent of Chihayafuru. Both show have this amazing atmosphere about them and make you smile from the bottom of your heart. The premise is simple, but the characters are done wonderfully and it is what really brings the spark to this anime. I usually am not the greatest fan of school romance, but the way the story is presented with Ore Monogatari!! was able to hook me instantly.

Ore Monogatari!! bishoujo

Mark my word here, Ore Monogatari!! is not simply a good romance anime. It is a really good anime and what kind of anime it is is irrelevant. Don’t watch Ore Monogatari!! because it is a romance or because it is a shoujo, watch it because it is a great show no matter your preferences. This is a must watch for the season and I’ll certainly be one of those to watch it too. I will also review the second episode, but I am not certain just yet if I will cover this the entire season or not, I will see this in the future. Watch this, it is good!

Also, This sums up what was going on in my mind watching the episode

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