Ore Monogatari!! episode 10: Lost in the Woods

Ore Monogatari!! survival

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That girl is just a big pack of trouble if you ask me, she is so dimwitted and impulsive that she always ends up causing trouble for herself and others and always the most serious of trouble too. I don’t know if it is bad luck going after her or if she is simply too much of a dumbass to realize when she is getting into troublesome situation, but the conclusion remain the same, she is a danger to herself and everyone around her. If Takeo is a man without equal who even death isn’t strong enough to approach, Yamato is the polar opposite. The two of them do reach an equilibrium though, together they can live a happy life, but I don’t think Takeo has the good end of the bargain here. At least his life will be interesting.

Ore Monogatari!! going down down down down down

When it comes to this week episode, I cannot say I was really entertain or having much fun watching it, the episode was focused mostly on fangirlism and silly romcom kind of fun. I’m not really into those things, I don’t even understand those things and how or why they are entertaining. I know this is a core aspect of the romance genre and it is to be expected, but to me there was no development this episode, no character improved or changed in any  way, we just had a slice of life moment for which I seriously didn’t care about. Overall there is very little that happened during the episode which I found to be meaningful and interesting to talk about. Two things did come to my attention though.

First, We finally got to see Takeo’s dad for the very first time. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even thought he existed, I just assumed his dad left when he was young or something, instead he looks really like his boy (or I suppose it is the other way around) and still seems to live happily with his wife. I somehow just assumed he was living alone with his mom, it was weird after all that it took so long for his parents to be introduced considering how young the kid is (despite definitively not looking that age). You would expect them to play a bigger part in the life of Takeo. There is very little to say about Takeo’s father, other than the fact that they look very similar and both seem just as dull and dumb than the other.

Ore Monogatari!! father

The second thing that really struck me is how oblivious to reality Yamato is. The two of them could have died at any moment there, people die after getting lost in the forest all the time. It might be an injury, the cold, starvation or less often wild beasts, but you are not a master survivalist like you think you are. As a matter of fact, 80% of you who think you could survive lost in the wood would be found dead after a month. Yamato did not even consider any of that, all she could think about is spending the night with her lovely Takeo. That girl needs to get her priorities straight, this is such baffling stupidity I want to get into my computer screen and slap her back to reality.

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