Ore Monogatari!! episode 11: Beach Time

Ore Monogatari!! fun at the beach

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Here we go, the beach episode. A unmissable episode in all anime of any genre, always an episode filled with swimsuits, fan service and overall a big waste of time. I was once again unimpressed with this episode of Ore Monogatari!! and I’m beginning to think that maybe this show is heading in a direction which I just find plain boring. I really loved the show in the first few episodes, but now things have began stalling and it is starting to feel like a slice of life more than anything else and I absolutely hate slice of life show. We just follow the mundane life of those two lovebirds and frankly without any conflict or evolution in their relationship, I just don’t see the enjoyment in this at all. The biggest thing that happened during the episode was the two of them nearly kissing and even then, this would not have been enough to satisfy me in the least.

Ore Monogatari!! kiss into sunset

Those two have a pretty flat relationship, it is not entirely their fault though, the both of them are rather young and experimenting is something that you would figure they would do at that age. Yet they are also currently basing their relationship on infatuation and smoke. There is nothing tangible in their relationship and the both of them have trouble communicating how they think to one another. Both of them believe they understand the other while in reality none of them understand a single thing about how the other person thinks. Their relationship is doomed to fail at some point if they keep up like this, being in love with someone else without any consideration for that person will not yield any positive result in the long term. You don’t only have to care for the person because you want to care for them, you should think what care that person wants or need and understand how she would like to be taken care of. The two of them are simply way too self-centered and for the moment they are simply lucky that their needs and desire match with one another. They’ll have to grow together…or apart.

Ore Monogatari!! super muscle

I’m not too sure how long I can keep watching the show if it continues in that path. I will give it one more episode to persuade me that I want to continue watching and if it fails to seduce me I will drop it. I was into the romance until it quickly became stale. Now I want more character and problem and those don’t seem to be showing up anytime soon, so I’ll go find new characters and problems in another anime instead.

ZeroGhj signing off.

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