Ore Monogatari!! episode 12: Always the Same Thing, Getting Sick of It

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 I believe it is time for goodbyes, this will be my last episode of Ore Monogatari!!. I mentioned last episode how I would give the show one final chance to impress me before I abandon it and this episode failed to alleviate my fears and doubt about the anime. It is not that the episode was bad in any way, nor do I want to discourage others from watching the show, I simply gave up hope that the show would go in a new direction which would be more to my liking. I don’t mind romance, I enjoy comedy but I hate slice of life anime. Ore Monogatari!! is turning into a slice of life way more than anything else and it is becoming difficult for me to find interest in watching subsequent episodes. I started the anime because I liked the quick pace, the progression was present, the characters were funny, but also very loveable, everything was there for me to appreciate the show. Now, Ore Monogatari!! is monotone, very repetitive and since episode 3, very little change to the episodic nature of the show was done. I could get behind a couple slower episode to explain and develop the new relationship between Takeo and Yamato, but now its been over 9 episodes and we are just repeating the same old cycle, I’m not into it.

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I was hoping the anime would evolve, that it would change to incorporate more of the other characters (more particularly Suna) and we would be able to see different kind of personalities and relationship evolves. Instead we are pretty much stuck with the same couple and it is such a shallow relationship that I find they already spent too much time around them. I knew I was going to watch a teenage romance when I began watching Ore Monogatari!!, but there was a good emphasis on comedy and it was what made me really appreciate the show along with its simple romance. I think the formula could have worked just fine too had they not dragged things for 24 episodes. 12 or 13 episodes would have probably been the sweet-spot for me watching this from beginning to end and enjoy it.

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I’ll probably keep watching the show, at least for a little bit until I really get too sick of it, but I won’t be blogging it anymore. The only great advantage Ore Monogatari!! has over the other anime of the season which warrant me still watching it, is its Wednesday timeslot. There are no other decent anime that day, so by virtue of being the only thing to watch, I might continue watching one or two more episode if things doesn’t change, but even then I’ll probably get tired of this pretty quickly.

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