Ore Monogatari!! episode 2: Super Strong Man Gouda

Ore Monogatari!! super strong man

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I wasn’t sure at first if I would be able to properly cover a shoujo romance anime. I’m not really the most emotional or romantic person on the planet. Let’s say that shoujo are not usually within the range of anime that I watch, I have done one or two romances in the past, but they had a tendencies to be yaoi romances. While it is a bit out of my zone of comfort, I really enjoy Ore Monogatari!! so far and I want to give it a try to cover this show for the spring. There is a first time for everything, let Gouda take my shoujo virginity.

Ore Monogatari!! in front of the butt tree

Speaking of Gouda, I know he is depicted as the red ogre and everything, I understand he’s big and buff, but that guy seriously lifts. That beam must weight a ton, quite literally so. This is not just impressive for a middle schooler, it is impressive as a feat for any human being. I would not expect for anyone else than Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson to be able to lift something like that. We’re not talking just anything to fall out of the sky here, this thing could have crushed Yamato into human-goo.

Ore Monogatari!! young couple

Now Yamato, what a fascinating girl, she is such a weird specimen to me. That girl is somehow so shy and ballsy at the same time, it is difficult to understand how she thinks. She is able to be so forward with Gouda that you’d think she is very confident. She jumps around always illuminating her surrounding with her shining smile, when Gouda is present she always appear strong and capable. Yet every other time we saw her, the girl was either being molested or a beam was falling on her head. The worse thing is not that all those bad things are constantly happening to her, she can simply have bad luck, but her reaction to it is interesting. While Yamato has the courage to speak up to Gouda and initiate dates and stuff, she couldn’t tell a molester off her? Furthermore, she’s seen happy and energetic, jumping away from a date, yet when she is faced with the immediate danger of a falling construction beam she just cowers in a ball instead of stepping aside? There is something a bit off about that girl for sure, I just can’t put my finger on it just yet.

Ore Monogatari!! happy yamato

All in all I love the show thus far, I’m looking forward to see how they can keep developing the characters and their relationship while not falling into repetitive comedy routine. I think it has a lot of potential if done right.

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