Ore Monogatari!! episode 3: …And they lived happily ever after

Ore Monogatari!! Ogre

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 This was a very nice episode, I was certainly not expecting for things to progress this quickly. I haven’t seen that many romance, but from what I know they have a tendency to have their content focus only on everything that happens before the two comes together. Sometimes we get a second season when they are together which consist mostly of fan service, but we barely get to see them together in the first season. Ore Monogatari is at episode 3 so far, there are 24 episodes planned and already the two of them are now together by the end of the episode. GG, anime over? I was certainly not expecting for the whole love charade to be over this quickly, I was bracing myself for 12 episodes of Takeo awkwardly trying to ship Yamato and Suna together. So turns out it won’t be the case, but this episode certainly didn’t give great hint at what to expect next. We know of the bromance between Takeo and Suna, we know of the romance between Takeo and Yamato, but what direction will things take from now on? Will it continue the side of romance? Will it be a bit more dramatic and explain the melancholic character of Suna a bit more? I’m really unsure what direction things will go.

Ore Monogatari!! revealing her love

No matter what direction this goes to next, I’ll keep watching. For a show that is so far from what I usually watch, it manages to captivate my interest really well and I don’t feel too far out of my comfort zone. Takeo and Yamato are two of the dumbest people on the face of the earth and therefore the kind of comedy that spark from their interactions is pretty universal comedy. Meanwhile, I hope, Suna will begin to take a bigger role in the show. The guy is pretty mysterious and reserved, but it seems pretty obvious that he is sad inside and he envy Takeo for his energy, love of life and simplicity. I feel he’s the most important character in all this, or at least the most interesting one. If I were to write the story, he would be at the center of most of the development. We’ll have to see how involves with the story he becomes, but right now he seems like the only logical direction to me.

Ore Monogatari!! Suna

In the first episode, we were given the beginning of the story of the Red and Blue Ogre. Then we got to meet Takeo and Suna and see their relationship. As the story progressed, we reached the point where Suna finally gave Takeo the “friendship” he wanted. Takeo and Yamato got together, we then had the next part of the story for the Red Ogre. This is, I believe, our only clue as to what is going to come next. I don’t think that our “real” story will follow what happens in the Ogre story to the letter, but I think they might stay intertwined. I think that next Suna will start wondering for himself, leaving Takeo every slowly to take on his own journey. I don’t think he will run away or anything, but more of a personal soul searching quest. Next episode will probably provide more evidence of this if my theory is right.

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