Ore Monogatari!! episode 4: Bitchy Friends

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As things move forward in Ore Monogatari!! I have increased suspicion that Yamato is some sort of demonic fiend from the underworld that came to earth to bring sadness and misfortune to everyone around her. She might look like a very cheerful girl who’s shallow and joyful, but in reality this is all a front to her evil side. Takeo might be much happier now that he found her, but ever since her appearance bad things have been happening all around her and they just keep on getting worse. First the molester, than the construction beam and now a fire so intense that it burned nearly an entire building in just a few minutes. There is no way that this is simply some dumb bad luck, there is some supernatural evil force at play here. Maybe Takeo should consider bringing Yamato to an exorcist one of these days, otherwise our poor manly Takeo will end up dead within the next year.

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Takeo is already pretty lucky to be alive in the first place, big the guy is a tank. He had so many misfortune happen around him, all death-threatening, but somehow he still manages to be well and alive. Yes he got a little tan this episode and now looks like a Mexican, but considering he was about to die in a terrible fire, can’t say he got it so bad in the end. Takeo looks like a monster and acts like a monster. If previously I found him strong for a high schooler, now he straight up appears like a muscle man and a force of nature. No wonder all the guys find him awesome, Takeo could probably win any wrestling competition just by showing up, people would flee before he would even have the time to enter the ring.

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If Takeo has a lot of good friends, it is the complete opposite for Yamato. That girl is shallow and it shows in her choice of friends. The entire girl crew she brought was filled with bitching girl who seem to enjoy backstabbing each other more than anything else in the world. Those are the kind of teen that I hate the most, yet it seems this is quite common behaviour among female teenager, this make me glad I am a guy and never dated in high school. Whenever the girl were seen together all I could see was a mix between a herd of sheep and crow pecking in the back of one another. Those girls were such disgusting being I wish the two of them would have died in the fire. Takeo was the bigger man (quite literally too) and saved their unworthy lives, the guy should know better but he is too pure at heart. I wonder what kind of disaster will befall onto the new couple next episode, maybe they will break the curse?

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