Ore Monogatari!! episode 5: Chihaya, go back to your own show!

Ore Monogatari!! Giant and the girl

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 What great self-awareness from Takeo, he manages to realize he was dense by himself. Okay, it might have taken him about a month or two to do so, but seeing as he is dense, it’s really not so bad all thing considered. It seems Takeo might be a bit more intelligent than he let suggest after all. Seeing his grand stature, it is sometimes difficult to remember that at the end of the day he is in his first year of high school.

Ore Monogatari!! saving a child

As for Yamato’s big secret, with the all seeing eye of the viewer it is not so difficult to narrow down the possibilities of what she can possibly be hiding. It seems pretty obvious that she has issues with the statement of Takeo that she is pure.  She also seems very willing to kiss Takeo right now and start going a bit more forward in the process of dating. I believe the secret she is holding to be something very simple and innocent. Either she already had a boyfriend in the past and went farther, or she simply feel ashamed of herself for wanting more out of their relationship. I very much doubt Yamato would be cheating or double-timing Takeo, that girl might have a secret, but it definitively isn’t something as grim as that. Sunakawa’s sister is just projecting what she wants to see when she says the girl is cheating.

Ore Monogatari!! Chihaya

Speaking of her, it was kind of interesting to see this new character popping out from nowhere, but it makes me wonder if the show won’t start having more love triangle and harem than before. It doesn’t feel like the kind of show that would aim to become an harem, but with the anime industry being what it is nowadays, you never can be too sure.  Will Suna’s big sister remain this love interest in the future or just a female supporting character? She already seems quite intent on helping Takeo right now despite seeing her childhood love getting away from her. I guess she is more mature that she would let us believe.

Ore Monogatari!! Suna older sister

Now on to something completely different, Ore Monogatari!! is done by the same people who did Chihayafuru and as a fan of the show it is something disconcerting how certain character are nearly identical to character’s of Chihayafuru in the way they are portrayed. This episode there was this one scene where we saw Yamato with her hair undone and she looked so close to Chihaya it was disconcerting. Now I want to see Yamato and Suna get together even if it makes no sense in the context of Ore Monogatari!!. I don’t know if the resemblance between the characters was voluntary or if they just can’t manage to draw character to appear differently, but I really wish Ore Monogatari!! wasn’t so reminiscent of Chihayafuru for two reason. 1. I really want a third season of Chihayafuru and being reminded of the show constantly just makes me want it more and 2. Ore Monogatari!! is a great anime and deserves his own personality and soul, I dislike that I keep being led to make comparison with characters of another universe when this anime deserves to be evaluated on its own. But seriously, give us more Chihayafuru!!!

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