Ore Monogatari!! episode 6: Deadly Kiss

Ore Monogatari!! rape kiss

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Another fun episode of Ore Monogatari!!, I must admit I was kind of fearful that I love triangle would start to form between Takeo, Yamato and Suna’s sister, but it seems the show loves to break most of the cliché of romantic anime and made her go away after she had just appeared. In the context of the story it made a lot of sense that Suna’s sister would leave, but it is an interesting event considering the genre. Usually a character like her is brought in to stir things up a little bit. She is a disturbance that could really disturb the peace and quiet in the current situation, she should have tried to undermine the couple and try to take Takeo for herself. Obviously this is not what happened, instead of encouraging things to go sour, the character helps things move along and we can still see the relationship between Takeo and Yamato develop. I am surprised that we have yet to find an obstacle to completely derail their relationship and slow things down a bit, we still have 18 episodes to go after all. At the speed they are going, the two of them will have children before the show is over.

Ore Monogatari!! awkward face

I am still waiting for the time where Suna will have a bit more going on for him. Right now the guy is dragged around wherever Takeo goes and he doesn’t have a say in what is going on around him. The fatal and terrible kiss at the end of the episode is yet just another sign of how badly Suna is abused here. At this point, Suna could very legitimately sue Takeo for rape, this was too far, way too far. Things like that are not okay kids, if a friend of yours start touching you inappropriately, asphyxiating you with wrapping paper and then forcibly holding you down to kiss you, report it to authorities. No one should have to endure terrors like these.

Ore Monogatari!! murder

When will come the time when Suna will have someone who listen to him and cares? He’s always been there so far, listening and supporting both side of the new couple. Yet while he is dragged around everywhere no one ever asks him if he cares or if something is the matter. Suna doesn’t look like the kind of guy to be honest with his feelings and who will do his best to communicate what he is feeling and what he wants. The poor guy needs someone to consider his feelings, yes he might be strong mentally, but everyone need to be listen to sometimes, no matter how intelligent, beautiful or strong you are. I really hope that at some point the focus shifts a bit from the two lovers and we get a better glimpse of what is going on in Suna’s mind.

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