Ore Monogatari!! episode 7: Display of Strength

Ore Monogatari!! judo victory

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I was not as into this episode as I was for previous ones. I felt this one was a bit slower and as I guy I didn’t have much interest in a manly cuddle competition. I never was into wrestling in real life and I can’t say the episode did a very good job at promoting the sport. It looked extremely boring both to compete in and to watch. The entire rocky montage sequence before the competition wasn’t that much more interesting either. I see how those two have a complicity and want to see the other succeed and be happy and it is nice, but since I’m not in love with either one of them it is rather difficult to be interested in this sport.

Ore Monogatari!! judo

It is always interesting to see the relationship of someone else and how their couple works together. I have seen many couple in my life but never one that resembles something even close to the relationship between Takeo and Yamato. Those two are some of the stupidest human being on the planet, but this also means that they are some of the easiest people to satisfy and keep happy. Takeo cares only about honour and the happiness of Yamato while Yamato is really superficial and just giving her a gift and a smile from time to time would probably keep her in a good mood. They communicated very little with one another, they are not too honest or forward in their thought. Takeo wants to avoid putting Yamato in dangerous situation and therefore he asks her not to come see him again in the future, but since he does not specify the reason he fails miserably at actually protecting his girlfriend. Now instead Yamato thought Takeo disliked her, she was confused and insecure and she even still went to his apartment most night, nullifying the very motive of Takeo’s warning. If he would have said one or two words more he could have avoided any misunderstanding and protected her more effectively. Then again, Takeo is not the most socially apt character I’ve seen, so he can be forgiven, if only because of how oblivious he is.

Ore Monogatari!! protected

The superficial relationship between Takeo and Yamato might something new, bizarre and slightly interesting to me, but I can’t say I derive much enjoyment at looking them go. Their interaction is rather simple and without some external forces and other more intelligent character meddling in their affair, there are not that many conflicts or interesting discussions going on. Maybe this episode was trying to demonstrate a point that I failed to understand, but I hope they won’t stall to much with their relationship and start adding some additional element to keep things interesting. As it stands, with only 2 or 3 more episode like this one I’ll lose all interest in Ore Monogatari!! but I am hopeful and confident that it won’t be the case and we’ll get some new exciting development to look forward to.

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