Ore Monogatari!! episode 8: Babies and Birthdays

Ore Monogatari!! birthday boy

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Happy Birthday Yamato! It was a good damn thing that you started hinting Takeo about birthday because he would have certainly never even thought that you had a birthday otherwise. I don’t know what kind of world they live in, but despite everyone having a cellphone and using it to access the internet and obtaining information, it seems none of them use facebook or other popular social media. I know the birthday of so many people I never talk to or care about, yet Takeo didn’t seem aware of her birthday at all. I mean, they are not just in love before the dating like every other romance, the two of them have been dating for a while now, how come not only they don’t already know their birthday, they don’t even have access to each other social media profile? What kind of world do they live in where social media and the internet is not an integral part of their lives! When will we get an accurate depiction of reality in anime and have the romance occur mostly over text and social media. When will we have an episode where Yamato is sad because Takeo did not like the picture where she show off her latte that she got at Starbucks! Now that I think about it, maybe we don’t really need that episode…

Ore Monogatari!! macho macho man

On a different topic, this episode was the first time we got a real look at Takeo’s mom. We also had some mention of Suna’s family situation, it was definitively interesting to have these new aspect of their lives brought forward. I was definitively not expecting Takeo’s mother to be about 3 feet tall, considering the man himself looks to be over 7. She seems just as strong as Takeo despite her size though, she herself claim she carried a pregnant lady to the delivery room herself when she was in labour, that’s quite the feat. That lady looks pretty nasty to me and I’m not sure who it is that is willing to procreate with her, but I don’t think I would be that thrilled if my 40 years old mom told me she was pregnant just like that. Having a younger sibling is not all what it is hyped up to be and it must be even worse when you are nearly 13 years apart. The guy is old enough that he could conceive a child himself if he were to make a mistake. I wonder if that new sibling will be a major event or some kind of a catalyst in the story. We are currently in June and it is expected to arrive in January, will the show move forward enough that we’ll cover 6 month? I suppose it is likely since we began the story at the beginning of the school year.

Ore Monogatari!! size difference

Arguably, everything I’ve discussed so far were pretty minor element of the episode, the one thing that really stood out to me is the sudden light shining over Suna’s head. I’ve been waiting to get more of Sunakawa for a while now and while he remains mysterious and all, Takeo and Yamato are too simply people to entertain my attention for all that long. They are shallow and therefore get boring really quickly, Suna on the other hand still has countless mysteries about him and I’m eager to explore them and get more in the mind of this character and this episode has begun to do just that. It makes me look forward to the future of the show even more, there are 24 episodes total after all, we don’t want to get

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