Ore Monogatari!! episode 9: Who’s the Main Character Really?

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I am starting to think that, either intentionally or through my own personal bias, Ore Monogatari is slowly turning into a rare of case of a second-person narrative. I’ve said this countless time already, Yamato and Takeo are very simple and flat characters, there is very little drama going on around them and their personal development is just about impossible considering how shallow they are. We see the world through the eyes of Takeo and yet the character with the more depth and who generates the most interest is Sunakawa. I feel like I am learning about Suna and living his life from an outsider perspective, seeing the show this way makes me love it even more. Suna is a very layered and complex character and it adds to the fun and magic of the show that we need to “discover” what he thinks and how he lives. The information doesn’t just appear, since we see the world from the very naïve point of view of Takeo, the viewer really has to pay attention and try to decipher Suna and this additional challenge pleases me.

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It is very rare that you will see second-person narrative in fiction, although one of the most popular example is Sherlock Holmes (books). It is very difficult to classify this kind of narrative because it can just as easily be argue that the show is a first person narrative of Takeo. We see the world through his eyes and everything that happened so far was all around his own life changing for the better. Yet changing your perspective just a little, you can see how just about everything that happened thus far was just as much a change in the life of Takeo as it was in Suna’s. Suna has had problem with girls in the past, they were all mean to his friend who was in love with them and it disgusted him and he thought all those girls were mean and not worthy to date. Then his friend finally found a girl he loves and his relationship is fulfilling for Suna. He is starting to learn more about himself and actually starts longing for the same kind of happy relationship that he see his friend having. Everything in the show is just as much about Suna than it is about Takeo…except maybe that wrestling episode which I didn’t quite understand the purpose at all.

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