Oreimo S2 episode 13 [Final-ish]: Growing up

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Note: this post is quite late and I apologize 🙁 I’ve had too many things to deal with during the weekend and such, but now I’m all good!


 We get to see Kirino grow up from when she was a small child and we get to see how she became what she is now, and how her brother affected her in her life.


Well, this was… Okay…

First things first, I want to tell you guys that this is not the final episode. There will be another 3 episodes airing August 18 in Japan (so we’ll get the subs one or two days later).  Source: Dao’s subarashii blog

This, in itself, is really a fortunate thing since it allows the show to properly finish in one go rather than to have a half-assed last episode. The same thing happened in season 1, and I’m happy to see they are doing basically the same thing now with the second part of the show. With three extra episodes, I’m sure we’ll be able to see enough of the bond between Kirino and Kyousuke for us to get a happy ending between the two. Hey, maybe a kiss will follow? Honestly, I don’t know how fast the pacing will go for these three episodes, and we’ll only get to know in a month and a half from now, so whatever.oreimo cute cry

Now, on to this episode. I was slightly disappointed to see the semi-finale of this season full of flashbacks and stuff. It was interesting to see Kirino’s point of view about the time when they were growing up, but it was also kind of boring to see her grow feelings for him and stuff. I mean, I think I’ve said enough times that I wasn’t a fan of incest; that still hasn’t changed, whether they’re 6 or 15 years old.

oreimo kirino eroge reactionI did enjoy having Kirino’s point of view on her brother though. So, it turns out that the reason she stopped talking to him in the first place was because he was acting like a freakin’ jerk to her (she also had way too huge of a brother complex). I didn’t think that she would be so determined to get her ideal brother back that she would become this popular just for him. In that sense, my respect for her has gone up a bit; she really knows how to push herself, and she really went out of her way to prove her point. Not that it was exactly the way to do things, but… Kirino’s so unique, she needs a unique way to deal with her problems. I also found it quite ironic that technically her love of little sister eroge started basically because of Kyousuke… It was ti be assumed that she always wanted to be close to her brother and that’s why she’d love little sister porn games, but now we know that it’s actually the case; I found it entertaining to see it.

oreimo kyousuke manamiFinally, I just have to mention the baby-face version of everyone… Kyousuke was adorable!!! Kirino was also a bit cute, but she just acted so exactly the same way as she does now (minus the “I hate my brother” part) that I didn’t find her that adorable, except when she went all tsundere and starting saying “BAKA!” all the time. I wish I could say that Manami was also adorable, but… Honestly, she had the exact same face as she does now. They didn’t even make it chubbier or with a different haircut; it was like someone decided to put Manami’s head on a smaller body with no boobs.

So overall, this episode disappointed me a bit. I can’t say that I didn’t expect the show to turn into an incest route; I knew it was going to happen, but I still have a bit of a hard time tolerating the bond that’s building up right now. Not that I don’t love the show, and I agree that there needs to be an actual ending to this, but… Yeah. I don’t like incest, what can I say… Why am I even blogging this in the first place… (the show is too good)

Kyousuke, why you so cute? You're never that cute.

Kyousuke, why you so cute? You’re never that cute.

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2 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 13 [Final-ish]: Growing up

  1. latinalover says:

    they didn’t show half of story in volume 11. like how and why did kyousuke change so much. if you knew then you understand why SO many people hate manami

    • Myst says:

      Well, I did understand why Kirino hated her a bit, they made it clear enough, but I did feel as though it was never clearly explained why Kyousuke changed. Going by how the show is, my guess is that he changed after Kirino couldn’t run after him because he realized he was going too fast for her, so he tried to become less cool in order to stay with her… Sounds cheesy as hell in my opinion, but the show is good at doing things like that.

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