Oreimo S2 episode 10: special class transport

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After hearing that Kyousuke got himself a girlfriend, Ayase invites him over to yell at him, and then makes up with him once he breaks up with Kuroneko. In the end, she invites him to go to the Meru-Fest to cheer for Kanako; plan which doesn’t work too well, since Kyousuke eventually goes to pick up Kirino in order for her to make the show on time. He goes to the shoot location with an assorted bike for the occasion, and finds Kirino wearing a wedding dress; in the end, she wears the dress to the show.oreimo bike


Well, if we compare this episode to the last few that we had… I’ll be frank, I really did not like this episode.

To begin with, I hate Ayase’s guts. She’s annoying, tsundere as fuck, easy to read and her personality becomes so redundant so quickly that after 2 minutes I was already sick of her.  Now, of course I can’t end with this, so I’ll just stay out of my bias for a few minutes and think objectively. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a confession from Ayase in the near future; at least, she definitely won’t keep all her feelings to herself for so long. If the end of the anime wasn’t in 3 episodes, I would assume that she’d get her own arc soon, however I guess Ayase fans will have to go read the manga for more.oreimo ayase phone

The second part of the episode, however, was… interesting… I guess. The wedding dress was definitely not as much of a big deal as they made it to be, except maybe when you think about the embarrassing factor; it did add a few multipliers to the scale. The part where Kyousuke came in with that bike made me laugh like crazy; the thing looked even worse than last season’s bike (to think it was Mikagami’s, too… There’s definitely more to that guy than you’d think). big props to Kyousuke just for being able to ride that thing; I dunno how he did it, but it takes guts.

oreimo wedding dressNow, the big problem that I got with the second part of this episode was probably the cheesiness of it all. I honestly thought the wedding dress was too much. It isn’t like these guys have a chance of getting married anytime soon, anyways… Considering I, as a girl, associate with Kirino when things like this happen, I just felt bad about wwearing such a thing in public; I dunno about guys though, so I may be biased about that as well. And, I hate incest. That always remains.

I have no choice to take note, however, of the last scene where Kyousuke takes Kirino’s hand; her reaction was pretty darn good. I wonder how far Kyousuke and Kirino will go with their relationship before the end of this anime, but it seems that there might be something big that happens right at the end of this season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a confession of some sort. I don’t think they’d go that far, however; but you never know.

Boob shot! Because I can.

Boob shot! Because I can.

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3 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 10: special class transport

  1. latinalover says:

    incest route FTW

  2. latinalover says:

    plus now i know who kyousuke ended up with 🙂

    • Myst says:

      well, it’s pretty obvious that he ends up with his sister, I mean, with the name of the show and all it’s a bit tough to hide. I still can’t believe just how much I love this show despite its incest content; its just that good.

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