Oreimo S2 episode 11: time to move!

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It seems that Kyousuke and his sister have been too close lately! Or so his father thinks, because he has decided that Kyousuke will be forced to live alone until he gets an A on his mock exam. With this, Kyousuke ends up getting visits from a bunch of girls, and Manami decides to organize a move-in party for Kyousuke, which we will see next episode. Meanwhile, Kirino sulks at home… She wants her Onii-san.oreimo kirino sad


This episode was weird… Good, kind of interesting and at the same time more like an in-between episode… It was just weird.

To begin, I really get this feeling that Ayase will have an arc soon… I mean, she’s showing up a lot more, and her feelings for Kyousuke are puked all over the screen; it’s that obvious. The rivalry between her and Kuroneko was really interesting to see, and quite the entertainment to watch. Anything involving Kuroneko arguing with someone becomes a hilarious scene. Of course, Ayase’s arguments were pointless… But that’s Ayase. I guess you could say I’m slowly getting used to her, considering we’ve seen her quite a lot these past few episodes; I don’t really have a choice in the matter.

oreimo kuroneko argueSo it seems like things are now clear between Kuroneko and Kyousuke; it was understood before that they’d broken up, but it wasn’t said clearly after all. I did enjoy the extra bits they gave in this episode; it makes the story flow much better and gives the kuroneko arc the impression that it wasn’t just an arc that started and ended in one shot. A lot of shows never go back on past stories and I find that pretty darn annoying… It’s like they never happened in the first place.

oreimo kuroneko gameThe next thing I want to add concerning Kuroneko is just how much of an amazing friend she is. Of course, the way things played out made her seem like a heartless bitch got Kyousuke to like her only to dump him right after, but this week really made me think more about Kuroneko’s side of things. She cares about Kirino this much that she’ll discard her own love for her, even if she knows that Kyousuke and Kirino are brother and sister and that they might never be able to actually get together like a real couple. All this, and she doesn’t even have any second thoughts (yet…); the argument between her and Ayase really made me think just how great of a person Kuroneko really is. She cares about her friends a lot, and I honestly wish she existed in real life so I could get to know her better. Man, Kyousuke’s missing out on so much by letting her go.

So in the end, now Kirino is sulking and random bitch fights will definitely happen next episode with the move-in party. Manami is clueless as always, and I can’t wait to see how this harem will turn out; it’s just sad that Kuroneko is busy running away from Kyousuke. Anyways, I’m looking forward to it, especially since Manami will be there… She hasn’t had good screentime in a while, and yet she’s so cute…oreimo manami smile

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