Oreimo S2 episode 12: Ayase

oreimo ayase


Time for a party! And bitch fights… And more bitch fights… All that to see who will get to make Kyousuke’s lunches, until Kirino gets pissed off and decides that Ayase will do it. With this, they both become closer and closer, until Kyousuke passes his mock exam with an A easily and then goes back to his own home. The day he leaves his apartment, Ayase goes to visit and confesses her love to him, which he rejects because he already likes another girl. oreimo ayase kiss


Weeeell, I certainly didn’t expect a development like that to happen so quickly…

I did expect bitch fights though, and I completely got my fill for that in the first half of the episode. I got to see Manami’s cute face and manners once more, and she reminded me once more that she is my absolute favourite character in all of Oreimo; I just forgot about her for a bit while Kuroneko had the spotlight. In this episode she really tried her best to be the peacemaker of everyone, but she’s way too oblivious to everything for her to be able to do things the right way. oreimo manamiI was also quite surprised at the way Saori acted; I didn’t think she would ever become a conquest, but I guess now that she had a complete personality makeover she has to become somewhat important. Somehow, the amount of girls going after Kyousuke is becoming more and more important; we’re almost beating the traditional harem count, and that’s pretty impressive.

oreimo ayase showerBut anyways, let’s move on to the second half of this episode, which was the most important. I didn’t think Ayase would confess so quickly; to be honest, her confession was completely out of nowhere and I didn’t exactly like how she started it, but I guess the rest compensated for it. In the end, she pulled a magnificent confession, and despite being really sad she took the rejection pretty well; for once, I really enjoyed the way she acted and I was happy that she was a part of Kyousuke’s life. The “conclusion” of her arc was very well done, and I can only say I’m satisfied with what I saw about her; she wasn’t as much of a bitch as I thought she was before.

One thing to note is Kyousuke’s reaction. He said “there’s already a girl I like” quite clearly, but he didn’t specify who that girl was, which makes me a bit curious. Was he talking about Kuroneko (which would make sense), or did he already realize that he was in love with Kirino? I doubt it’d be the second option, but he said things with such certainty, and considering Kuroneko’s time was already over I seriously wondered who he was talking about then. I wonder if we’ll ever know…

oreimo pervert

All I know is that this kid is a pervert

Anyways. Next episode will be the last one! And, going by the title, some serious shit’s going to happen between Kirino and Kyousuke. It’ll be a great conclusion to the anime to get some romance between the two right at the end, and the last episode will be totally not cheesy and totally not like last season’s last episode(s). The true ending for Oreimo’s first season was absolutely horrid, and I really hope something that crappy will never happen again in an Oreimo episode. I’m not sure if we’ll get to see a confession next episode, but I’ll be sure to watch it with anticipation! And I’ll slightly sigh at the incest part… But that’s okay… The show’s too good for me to hate it anyways.

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