Oreimo S2 episode 14: Confessions

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P.S.: Expect the last 3 episodes of Oreimo to come in separate posts. I’ll try to get everything done as fast as I can, but one big post would definitely be too long, especially with the heavy content of these episodes.


oreimo kuroneko cryKyousuke has finally decided to clear things up completely with Ruri. He goes out to see her, and, out in the rain, confesses to her that he can’t go out with her because he’s in love with someone else, which causes Ruri to cry and feel extremely sad and angry. After this, Kyousuke invites Kirino out for Christmas, where they spend the day together, and in the end he is about to confess to her but she runs away before he can finish. He finally catches up with her, throws out a really embarrassing confession, and finally Kirino accepts when he asks if he can marry her.


Holy shit, that was a great episode.

Man, I cried a lot in this; I usually don’t cry much apart from having watery eyes, but this time I can go farther and say they were streaming down my face, too. The drama of this episode was really well done, and both confessions were incredibly emotional. I certainly did not expect something so grand of this episode, but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, not everything was awesome: I do have a few bad things to add, but overall I still loved this episode.

oreimo kuroneko rainKyousuke’s confession to Kuroneko was terribly painful to watch. When he was running this fast to go see her, I almost expected him to turn this whole thing around and to re-confess to her; he was in such a hurry that I got my hopes up a bit (Oh well… I just love Kuroneko too much). The saddest part of it all, though, was probably Kuroneko’s reaction to everything: she knew she was going to get rejected, she knew why, but it seems like she didn’t expect to get rejected in such a grand way that would make her get her hopes up before they get crushed. I’d never thought to see her so sad, and I honestly felt really pissed and wanted to punch Kyousuke in the face. I know he didn’t decide who he fell in love with, but still… Poor lil’ girl.

When we then got to Kirino, I was still saddened by this turn of events, and so I wasn’t especially cheering for her… However, I already knew this show was going to end with incest, and so I let it go and tried not to be biased when Kyousuke confessed to her. To my dismay, I actually found myself cheering for him in the end. Gee, his confession was just so damn awesome that I just couldn’t help it. He was so serious, despite him knowing that his love was taboo, despite knowing that he would get rejected, and despite having a whole audience to hear his embarrassing thoughts. I could definitely see his feelings for Kirino through all of that, and I can only say that this confession was a damn successful one… Until we got to the last 30 seconds of the show.oreimo kirino kyousuke

When Kyousuke blurted out “let’s get married!”, I facepalmed. What the hell is up with that… Was that supposed to be romantic?! You don’t even know what it would be like to date her and you might love her now, but that doesn’t mean she’ll automatically be a marriage partner! I knew the kid was reckless but that just destroyed the whole beauty of the confession for me. And then, to end things in a worse way, Kirino had to just say yes like that, when she’d been rejecting him all the way before. I’m aware that she was just being tsundere, but her sudden change was way too sudden; I didn’t see the transition of her thoughts at all. There’s still a chance we’ll see it next episode, but after such a confession, her final answer really disappointed me.

oreimo kuroneko sad

Also, that face almost made me cry again 🙁

Stay tuned, episode 15 will follow soon enough! (My procrastinating mind tells me not to guarantee that all these posts will be out by today but I’ll try my best!)

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