Oreimo S2 episode 15: Beyond Taboos

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Kyousuke and Kirino talk it out together about what they should do now that they’ve both confessed to the other, and decide to start going out for now. Kirino then shows Kyousuke a photo album of him that she kept as well as a recording of her memories from when she was a child.


Well, after such a great episode 14, I guess they couldn’t make episode 15 as good… But still, that was awfully disappointing.

I was hoping the confession scene from last episode would keep going in this one and we’d see a little more cuteness from our Kirino, but I guess I was hoping for too mcuh and instead we got nothing of that. In fact, we pretty much got nothing this episode. Little tsundere Kirino stopped acting tsundere for an episode and sorted out her feelings properly, openly admitting that she liked her brother and that she was happy about the confession. For her to suddenly spit out everything like it was no big deal… It honestly felt a bit out of character, and although I was happy at first that Kirino and Kyousuke decided to sort everything out with a clear mind, but I didn’t expect the whole episode to be full of nothing… Now that they’ve started going out I felt like Kirino wasn’t so cute anymore *shrugs* Maybe it’s just me.oreimo sleep together

Although, I have to admit, the first half of the episode wasn’t so annoying because I didn’t know they’d drag it on for so long. Seeing Kirino and Kyousuke play a little sister eroge after they’ve both confessed was a pretty hilarious thought in itself, and I expected the awkwardness to obviously follow up from that. I really don’t think our main protagonists are ready for that stage yet… Although I’m sure many spectators would be overjoyed by that.

oreimo promiseIn the end, this episode was pretty boring. It dragged on and had a bunch of random things happening (like Kanako’s confession, for example), to a point where I’ll have to cut this post real short because I just don’t know what to say anymore. As talkative as I was for the first one, and as much as I like this show, I personally wasn’t satisfied of this episode. My hopes rely on the last episode, which I wish will turn out really cool. If they make the wedding part not too long, that is… I’ll be expecting the final kiss scene, too! Forgetting that they are siblings and turning on my romance radar is what I’ll need in order to withstand the incest. My body is ready for this!

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