Oreimo S2 episode 16: Great Finale for a Great Show

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Bitch fights! And marriage… And break-ups… (Yes, I’m too lazy to summarize)


*gasp* very good ending 🙂 that made me happy.

I had honestly forgotten all about Manami and that she was part of the harem until now. To be honest, I didn’t even know that she was in love with Kyousuke in the first place. Her personality flip in this episode was ridiculously intense; I never expected words like that to come out of Manami’s mouth. Quiet girls always end up being the more vicious ones, right… Since she had been holding everything in since she was a child, of course she’d be pissed off, but still, I never thought she’d be that pumped. When she turned around to punch Kirino, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Innocent Manami wasn’t so innocent anymore, was she… (Kirino deserved it, though, so I was pretty happy about it)oreimo manami punch

The words that came out of her mouth, as well, were so terribly true despite the harshness of them. Manami didn’t seem like she’d be the only girl with some sort of common sense (I’d expect Saori to pull that sort of thing instead), but now we’ve finally seen her true emotions shine, and I was pleasantly surprised. All of a sudden, her personality had substance, and I felt like I was looking at a real human being; one who’s shy and won’t say much, but when she truly speaks her mind, her words are usually the harshest of all. Man, I just love that girl… What beautiful honesty she showed for once.

oreimo bitchAs for Kirino, well, I’ll admit I pretty much hated the way she treated this fight. She acted like a spoiled brat, and I was so glad Manami punched her in the stomach, because she completely deserved it. I didn’t particularly like that she was bragging to everyone about Kyousuke, either, but I guess it fits her personality pretty well; she is a spoiled bitch after all.

Finally, I must admit that the ending surprised me a bit. I knew this show was more realistic than idealistic most of the time, which was one of the reasons why I liked it, but in the end it seemed to me like it was still going to go for the incest ending overall. Much to my dismay, it did but it didn’t. I never thought both Kirino and Kyousuke would decide to have a go at it for a short while and then break up happily like this; especially after all those confessions Kyousuke turned down. For him to reject everyone, and especially to reject Manami after he knew that his relationship with Kirino wouldn’t last, was a seriously crazy move. All those girls… And, in the end, he decides by himself to end with none of them and to stay single. Now that’s something. I’d even go so far as to call it downright fucked up, especially since he loved those girls, but I guess going out with his sister isn’t the best idea ever either.

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The fake marriage ending was also pretty interesting. I thought it to be ridiculously cheesy and annoying at first, but after they turned around and decided to break it off, I understood more why they did it in the first place. They didn’t have to think about their future: they had no future together to begin with. Once that went through my head, I was actually pretty happy about the few events that happened. Of course Kirino would act like a selfish bitch and not hold back on any of her feelings; she wanted to enjoy her time with Kyousuke to the max.

oreimo manami cryIn the end, I was quite satisfied of this ending. Not only because it didn’t end completely incest (and here, my anti-incest bias shows up once more), but also because there were a lot of unexpected twists and turns which made me greatly enjoy this episode. Manami’s dark side, as well as Kirino’s and Kyousuke’s decisions gave everything a really good ending to this show. Moreover, I can definitely be happy about this ending because it’s an actual ending, not just some open bullshit. After 3 full years, the show has come to an end, and I will definitely miss those awesome otaku arguments… Definitely.

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2 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 16: Great Finale for a Great Show

  1. CaptainHaddock says:

    But why are you anti incest? :((( Even if it were real life, leave other people alone in their decisions. Watch Yosuga no Sora if you haven’t yet.
    You need more incest fetish dude, it’s the way to go

    • Myst says:

      I have a brother and would never want to have sex with him o.o it just feels awkwardly weird in my head to think of love between siblings because I don’t see how it would be possible the way I think of siblings 😛 fat chance!

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