Oreimo S2 episode 2: Ayase’s first world problem

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oreimo ayase tsundereAyase is at a loss: Kirino has gone wild over a new dating sim that she has been playing nonstop for a while, to a point where she even neglects her real life friends. She goes to Kyousuke for help who, after talking with his sister, convinces her to stop playing, under the condition that he has to play. This results in him getting addicted to it himself, and eventually into a really pissed Ayase that somehow ends up in Kyousuke’s room. Tsundere comedy then ensues, and in the end Ayase reconciles with Kirino.


This episode was… okay? To be honest, I was a little disappointed in what I saw. Although some parts of the episode were interesting, a lot of it almost felt out of character for everyone and I was kind of angry at Kyousuke for being attracted to Ayase; I hate that bitch.

I still liked a few parts of the episode here and there, I’ll admit. The way Ayase tried to imitate Ayaka (even their names are similar) in front of Kirino was absolutely hilarious. It was also funny to see Kirino screw up her friendships for a game character. The best part, however, was seeing Kyousuke as addicted as her while playing it. It was the first time we actually saw him enjoying one of the games Kirino makes him try (maybe there were other times but they were too R-rated for us to see them *winkwink*), and it was pretty entertaining to see him act in the same way he judged his sister for at first. As a fervent otaku, I can totally understand what it meas to find something creepy and then to find yourself enjoying it not too long after (and then half your life goes down the drain :D); well done games or anime shows are like that.oreimo kyousuke creepy

Moving on, overall I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I usually like Oreimo episodes. It seems like Kyousuke finds himself quite attracted to Ayase, and it felt really weird when he kept admitting how cute she was and how he thought she was in front of her face. It felt weird when he barely ever showed feelings for her in the last season (except when he first met her; you know, before she started hating on him hardcore for absolutely no reason), and now all of a sudden he’s admitting all those things which we didn’t even know existed in his head. Had he been this way all along I wouldn’t have minded as much (still would have though, considering it’s Ayase we’re talking about) however it really felt out of character to see him like this.

Slapstick scenes always make me laugh. Especially this one.

Slapstick scenes always make me laugh. Especially this one.

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