Oreimo S2 episode 4: Kirino’s little sister

oreimo ria x kirino


Kirino receives a visit from her friend she made while she was abroad, and gets her to live with her for a while. Ria is a little girl who isn’t shy at all, and her forceful ways bring Kirino to get really pissed at Kyousuke because she thinks he’s a lolicon.oreimo kirino look down

After a short visit to Akihabara, Ria and Kirino have a race to see who will win, and Kirino loses by a very small margin, despite Kyousuke’s encouragements. In the end, Ria finally leaves, and right after this Kirino asks Kyousuke to be her boyfriend (and the episode ends on this true wtf-ery).


Tehe, this was funny! I loved Ria, despite the fact that she was annoying as hell.

She definitely wouldn’t be a character which I’d want to see very often. I mean, she’s loud, obnoxious, loud, loud and very loud. She definitely fit the little sister role, much more than Kirino actually; I wanted to punch her through a wall by the end of the episode. One thing I liked about her though was how she was extremely happy that she could run all the time; she’s a really passionate girl and that was probably what I found the most cute about her. The fact that she’s a complete prodigy shows in the way she acts and the way she runs, and  Kirino clearly doesn’t stand a single chance against her.

oreimo upskirtKyousuke did emit a valid point though when he said that she was facing her troubles right up front. In a way, Kyousuke saw a little bit of himself in Kirino when he saw her go up against someone whom she had no chance whatsoever to beat, in the same way that he sees his siter; the main difference, here, is that Kirino isn’t afraid of fighting against Ria. Instead of envying her and complaining that she’s nothing, she tries and tries constantly to beat Ria; that which will never happen, but just this show just how Kirino got to where she is now. She’s popular, pretty, good in sports and a model not because she got lucky, but really because she worked her ass off for it. This somehow makes me love Kirino a bit more 🙂

oreimo ria bath

Then again, her yelling at Kyousuke (again) made her almost as annoying as Ria. To be honest, I know that Kyousuke’s her bitch, but he clearly had nothing to do with Ria jumping on him (That girl will get raped in the near future). She was probably just jealous that he got so much attention from her and wished she could do the same… Hehehe. She still acted as a great sister, however, probably from the experience she got with eroges. I wonder how many fantasies she had of Ria and her…

I can really tell that this show is good because I find myself cheering for Kirino x Kyousuke all the time despite hating the incest genre. Tsundere Kirino is just too awesome and Kyousuke fits her personality really well. I do like Kuroneko better though… Hehehe.

and a panty shot just for you.

and a panty shot just for you.

Finally, that cliffhanger has definitely got me curious. The one thing I do know is that it’s probably just some undercover thing and definitely not an actual confession (because that’s just how this show goes, making cliffhangers to get more popularity), but I still want to know why she wants Kyousuke to act as her boyfriend. Another confession, maybe? Whichever it is, next episode should be pretty good and should get all the Kirino x Kyousuke fangirls/fanboys to be happy (and make even more of the already very numerous doujins available).

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