Oreimo S2 episode 5: the fight between Kirino and Kuroneko begins

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oreimo kirino kyousukeKirino asks Kyousuke to pretend to be her boyfriend for a bit in order to reject a model recruiter who would send her abroad. Persistent as fuck, the recruiter doesn’t give up until she sees Kirino and Kyousuke go on a date together for a full day, where they meet their friends who wonder what is going on with them. After Kuroneko is finally told what happened, she invites everyone to take part in writing a doujinshi which she wants to sell at the Summer Comiket. The day of, she wears a super pretty dress and in the end all her doujin sell out. The show ends as Kirino meets a guy whom Kyousuke thinks is her boyfriend.


What to think, what to think… I spent the first half of the episode going Kirino x Kyousuke (as an incest hater that’s kinda surprising), and then the second half I shipped Kuroneko x Kyousuke hardcore. Those girls are just too cute; this show has the best tsunderes ever.

The first half of the episode was quite entertaining. I honestly laughed my ass off for the first part, especially when Kyousuke went ahead and starting calling Kirino “My Honey.” (I get the feeling it’s a reference but I don’t know to what…) Their date was also quite entertaining; I felt really bad for Kuroneko though, and seriously laughed when I saw Manami’s face. Kirino is the Devil incarnate…

A really cute Devil, I'll admit that...

A really cute Devil, I’ll admit that…

Oddly enough, there were actually some cute bits even in the first half. Kyousuke really cares for his sister and it showed when he was asked what he loves about his “girlfriend.” We obviously know that they aren’t in a relationship, but I still agree that he has a major sister complex and that Kirino is even worse in terms of brother complex. At least, I thought so… But then she went and got herself a boyfriend. Kyousuke entertained me greatly with his reaction…

oreimo boyfriendI’m looking forward to meeting this “boyfriend.” If it really is the guy with the retarded hair we met at the end of the episode (he looks like he comes straight from the 80’s… Seriously, please get a haircut for my eyes’ sake), I’ll be very disappointed in Kirino; a cute girl like her can get so much better (then again just last paragraph I was shipping her with the most plain-looking main character ever – oh well).

Moving on to what I fangirled the most at, was when I saw Kuroneko at the Summer Comiket. She was so cuuuuuuuuute! For having seen her in regular clothes only once before, for her to wear something so god damn adorable was definitely something worth seeing. She obviously did it for Kyousuke, and it seems like he wasn’t completely ignoring her feelings, too. He’s aware that she likes him and yet it seemed like he was getting pretty close to her while the book sale was still ongoing. Going by how nice he acted towards her, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see them go out for a bit, if only to make Kirino go crazy with jealousy in her own little corner (I would love to see that *evil smile*).oreimo kyousuke hold

Kirino’s jealousy is becoming more apparent, and surprisingly enough it seems like Kyousuke’s is also showing a lot. Whether it’s just brotherly love or more than that, I’m not sure yet, but seeing how the show is turning up I’m thinking the latter is more possible. I won’t give up, though… I love Kuroneko much, much, much more than Kirino and I will wish for her happiness for ever and ever.

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2 Responses to Oreimo S2 episode 5: the fight between Kirino and Kuroneko begins

  1. WAWSA says:

    this is what i’m waiting for… i just have a question.. do you think this will be an incest ending??

    • Myst says:

      To be honest, considering the name of the show and where it’s going, I do believe it will end that way. I keep hoping that it won’t happen though; a few things (like in this episode where Kanako stated that it didn’t look exactly like a real relationship) leads me to think it might end in a “brother-sister” relationship without the incest (I’ll keep hoping I guess)

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